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How much do you know about the whole house water filters’ functioning?

How much do you know about the whole house water filters’ functioning

Whether it’s the air you breathe, the food you eat, or the water you drink, everything should be pure and, thus, free from any bacteria. So, what’s the activity you indulge in for attaining pure water? Do you still boil the tap water and drink it? If yes, then you should try out the whole house filter instead of wasting your time and efforts in boiling water. Whole house water filtrationis the most efficient way of attaining the best water quality at your house. It is the right option for you as well as your whole family. Before making a choice regarding which whole house filter you should buy, there exists a need for you to know how does a water filter works.

Our article has come up with the must-know information about the functioning of whole house water filter system installation doylestown pa. Let’s move on further with the same!

How does a whole house water filter work?

A whole house water filtration works in a fairly simpler manner. It follows a three-step process, as mentioned below:

Step 1: Pre-filtration

In the first step, the water directly coming to your home passes through the pre-filter intending to get rid of the larger water impurities. In this process, anything prevalent in water with a size of 5 microns gets trapped with no hassle. Such impurities include silt and sediment. If the sediment doesn’t enter the pipe, there is a reduced risk of longer-damage to your appliances.

Step 2: Mineral Filtration

The moment water starts leaving the sediment filter; it commences its passage through the mineral filtration media.With the help of this filter, the majority of the chlorine and other heavy stuff present in the water are removed. There exist many cases where the carbon filter is impregnated by KDF so that it kills bacteria and other fatal contaminants.

Step 3: Activated Carbon Filtration

Once the filtration of sediments is done, the water paves its way into the activated carbon media. This filter contains a porous surface that has got the notable lining of the deep ridges. With the assistance of the activation procedure, a whole network of minute openings is generated, which have the ability to absorb the water contaminants.


Every household, whether big or small, needs a whole house water filter. It is because this filtration can remove the rare as well as common contaminants prevalent in water. With their assistance, you will surely get a lot of help in keeping your family safe and healthy.


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