When renovating your kitchen, you have to make a lot of decisions regarding the raw materials to be used, the designs to be selected, the type of flooring or the colour and pattern to be used. Many companies are in the field to help you redecorate your kitchen. Companies like Vima design have a vast number of designers who help you personally to make these choices.

Following things should be considered while building your kitchen cabinets:

1. Space you require

You should first consider the space you require to place your things. This space is different for everybody. A person who cooks a lot of different things will need a larger cabinet space to keep all the raw materials than a person who like to live on take outs most of his days. So have a definite idea on what you need.

2. Internal placement of the shelves

Not only the exterior space but the interior placement of the shelves is also highly important. Your height will also matter of how you want to place your shelves. If you are short, you would not want your shelves to be higher than your reach.

3. Your appliances

Build your cabinets around your appliances. Keep enough space for appliances and allow some space for the heat to escape. This will help you to make most use of your space. Select your appliances first and then go about to make the cabinets. 

4. Take care of your working triangle

A working triangle in your kitchen is the space between your cooktop, sink and the refrigerator. If many things are put in this triangle, then your kitchen will look cluttered. Place your cabinets away from this clutter.

5. Choose the outer design of your cabinet thoughtfully

Kitchen is a place where you will splash many things. If the outer design of your cabinets is with a lot of grooves then you will have a hard time cleaning it. After a while of use, your kitchen will start looking dirty.

6. Choosing the colour 

The colour of your cabinets should be in sync with the colour of your entire household. It should also be easy enough to remove stains from the cabinets. Do not choose a colour which you will not like in a long run.

7. Choosing the raw material

This is the most important part of renovating the kitchen cabinets. The raw material you use should go with the design as well as should be sustainable. Do not use raw materials which are not going to last long. 


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