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How To Add Some Special Touches to Your Yard

Nature background. Fountain in english garden design.

If you are an outdoor person, you may spend a lot of time in your yard. Yet perhaps it is not quite the relaxing sanctuary you’d like it to be. There are ways, though, to add some special touches to your yard and make it into a dream oasis. Read on for a few ideas.

Seating Areas

You can make your yard extra special by adding a seating area or two. Choose a shady corner, set up a couple benches or chairs with outdoor cushions. Add a small table or two to hold drinks or books or games. You might even put up a pergola for added shade or a fire pit for toasting marshmallows or warding off the chill.


Nothing brightens up a yard like flowers. Create colorful flower beds and arrangements in several areas in your yard. Blend various kinds and colors of flowers with greenery for contrast, and don’t be afraid to be unique in layouts and patterns. Visitors will rave over your designs, and you’ll be able to enjoy your handiwork every day.


Your trees can also provide a special touch to your yard. Make sure the ones you currently have are healthy and properly trimmed. You might call in an arborist Atlanta GA if you have questions or concerns. You may also ask about planting new trees as well as some shrubs or hedges if you have room. A crabapple tree, for instance, will be beautiful in the spring with is many blossoms, and a maple will provide gorgeous color in the fall.

A Water Feature

Finally, consider adding a water feature to your yard. A rock garden fountain might be right, or you could try something simpler like a three-pot fountain. If you are more ambitious, you might do pond installation minnetonka mn surrounded by stones or garden art.

With some time and effort, your yard can become a place of relaxation and enjoyment for you, your family and your guests.


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