How to Check the Real Natural Latex Mattress brands in India


Demand for latex mattresses is increasing as they become more popular. People prefer the latest natural mattress brands in India because of their various health benefits. However, as demand grows, there will be more duplicate products on the market. It is essential to distinguish between the real and fake ones; otherwise, you will end up wasting money.

To understand the difference between the original and the duplicate, you need to know the exact blend of latex in your mattress. If you understand it, you can easily identify the right quality and value of the product.

Let us know about the different types of latex mattresses and their purity levels so we can identify the real ones from the fake ones.

Graphite Latex

It is considered one of the cheapest versions of latex mattresses. It is gray, used as a fire retardant (FR), and has a composition of 30% graphite. Latex is not naturally FR, and, in many countries, as per the FR law, the manufacturers are not allowed to use natural latex without some form of FR application.

Graphite latex is manufactured with a composition of 30% natural latex and 60% synthetic latex. It is mixed with an FR layer, as a mattress made of complete graphite is not considered good. If you visit the store, you can easily distinguish whether the mattress is made of full graphite or not. To mislead customers, many stores do not even mention the actual depth of mattresses. So, before buying the mattress, always ask for its actual depth.

Synthetic Latex

This latex type is the costlier one when compared to graphite latex. The name “synthetic” describes that it is a completely man-made product in the foam classification. But it is manufactured in such a way that it has the complete feel and consistency of latex. Indeed, the majority of the products that are sold under the name “latex” contain some proportion of synthetic latex in them. The firmness of synthetic latex is greater than that of natural latex. If you like firm mattresses, you can get a good feel at a low cost while using synthetic latex mattresses. The manufacturers sell hybrid foam rather than latex, as natural latex is 100% pure protein. It deteriorates quickly and is more vulnerable to bacterial attacks, which can easily degrade it.

Natural Latex

It is manufactured with a composition of 80% natural latex and 20% synthetic latex. As natural latex in its original form has a soft density, various additives are added to it to make it firm. To increase the density, more natural latex needs to be added to the product. If you increase the amount of natural latex in the product, it will raise the cost. The raw material is more expensive than the synthetic one, which increases the cost of the product. So, in simple words, when you increase the density of the product by adding more natural latex to it, it becomes more expensive.


It is quite confusing sometimes when it comes to identifying the right latex mattress. But if you know about the exact blend of latex, you may identify the right one for you. 


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