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How To Choose a Good Contractor for Your Repair or Remodeling Project


Whether you are planning on remodeling your kitchen or you suddenly need emergency roof repairs Denver CO, finding a contractor you trust to do a good job is important. Make sure you have a plan so you can find the right professional for your project. Here are some thoughts on how to select a good contractor.

Review Recommendations

Not only should you ask family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations, you should check national and local associations of contractors. Look at both good and bad reviews online. Deciding who you don’t want may be as important as figuring out who you think you do want.

Narrow the Field

Make contact with the professionals who have the best reviews from your friends or online or both. You should try to narrow your list down to your top three or four choices. When you contact them, be sure to find out if they do the type of project you need to have done. Choose someone who has lots of experience doing your type of project. Be sure to get references and check on availability.

Create a Contract

After you have bids from your top candidates, you can make a choice. Be sure to draw up a formal contract before they start the work. The contract should go into detail about who is actually doing the work, what work is being done, when it is expected to be in process and the projected completion date. Be sure the contractor knows what kind of behavior you expect around your home. Remember that if you decide to add anything after the contract has been signed, it will cost extra.

Having a clear idea of what you need to do to find a professional you can trust with your job will help you find a good contractor. Take the time to vet your options and you’ll be happier with the outcome.


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