How to Create the Perfect Relaxation Room


Imagine coming home, changing clothes, and heading to your special room, where everything is dedicated to soothing and calming you down. And everything there invites you to immerse yourself in soothing relaxation. It feels good, right?

A relaxation space is your sanctuary where you can completely shut off the world and relax. It doesn’t offer you space to relax and meditate. It as well works as a hideout whenever you want time for yourself.

Because of that, it is important to create a perfect relaxation room with comfortable tile installed by companies such as Metro Surfaces. Apart from that, you can also consider the following tricks to create a perfect relaxation room:

Embrace Nature

According to many studies, nature has calming properties. Adding some greenery to your relaxation room is a perfect way to make it more relaxing and improve the air quality.

Find ways to introduce nature to create a relaxation room. One way to achieve this is to buy indoor plants. You may also use natural wood fittings, get an indoor water feature, and add attractive flowers.

Stay Neutral

Research shows that highly saturated and bright colors increase arousal. On the contrary, a cooler color with lower saturation and contrast relaxes our minds. So if you want to create a relaxation room, keep the color of the décor neutral.

But this doesn’t mean that everything in the room must have the same shade of grey. There are different neutral tones and colors you may mix and match to have a refreshing and tranquil look. Perfect examples include the following:

  • Light green
  • Gray-blue
  • Grey Lilac
  • Brown
  • Dusty pink

Soak in the Sunlight

Choose a perfect location for your relaxation room that allows for enough sunlight. Seating and soft lighting make for a relaxing room to find your peace and relax while the sun’s rays improve your mood, giving you an extra-relaxation boost.

Make Good Scent Part of the Ritual

A scent, especially essential oils, helps to relax, whereas burning sage may help clean the room. Rolling out your mat and lighting a candle can also become a signifier, which may turn your focus inward. All these simple acts of preparing your space for relaxation help to get your body and mind ready for meditation too.

Play Soothing Music

Music is a relaxing element for most people. This is especially true for people in busy cities where the sound of sirens, trains, and traffic comes through the walls constantly.

Meditative music in the background may help drown out other distractions around the space, enabling you to gain a peaceful and tranquil state while meditating.

When choosing music, it is best to choose those without lyrics. They don’t have to be classical music – they can be music you find soothing, like birds chirping, whistling sounds of the wind, or ocean sounds.

The Takeaway!

Relaxation rooms are designed to imbue a sense of tranquility and peace, giving you a mini vacation from all the bustles of a stressful or busy day. Everything from colors to accessories in the space plays an important role in creating a peaceful and relaxing space.


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