How to Determine Whether Your Commercial AC Needs a Repair


Regardless of the gadget you use or the season, it is essential that your HVAC equipment is constantly operating effectively. This is especially true in the workplace, where you must ensure the comfort of not just yourself but also your staff and clients. It is simple to maintain your system by doing chores like filter cleaning, but more is needed. Occasionally, something worse might be on the horizon.

Once the weather begins to change, you will undoubtedly install the air conditioning equipment for your business. As they have been in storage for months, the first use of the year is frequently the period when difficulties arise. To ensure that you will not leave your customers scorching in the event of a sudden temperature spike, contact a reliable expert from Steve’s Refrigeration.

When Should You Call an Experienced HVAC Professional?

If there is a threat to the comfort and security of your company or facility, there is an urgent situation. A system that leaks Freon or an air conditioner that turns on and off erratically are examples of circumstances that might be considered emergencies. Steve’s Refrigeration is equipped to serve businesses of all sizes and backgrounds as part of their commercial & industrial air conditioning services in Pampa, TX.

You will not be required to wait outside their normal business hours. A malfunctioning air conditioner might put you in danger and lead customers to flee your business. This will result in significant financial and career losses. A professional will do emergency maintenance on your air conditioner so that you may continue operating normally.

Warning Marks

As a company owner, the worst thing you can do is put off repairing your industrial AC unit until it completely breaks. This will cause you frustration and can be rather costly. Usually, your system will provide you with maintenance reminders far in advance of any possible problems. Here are a few examples of such indicators:

  • The majority of the time, extremely high utility bills are only considered once a noticeable price rise has occurred, at which point the source must be determined. The majority of the time, a high heating cost is indicative of the necessity for air conditioning maintenance.
  • Although air conditioners aren’t exactly known for their silence, it doesn’t mean they have to create odd noises. Repairing all sounds, including grinding, scraping, and others, is always recommended.
  • If an air conditioner goes on and off without releasing cold air, there may be an issue with power distribution throughout the facility. In a state as warm as Texas, this can occur at any time.
  • Suppose the interior of your building is consistently warm, and there is little circulation from the vents. In that case, it is probable that your air conditioner is malfunctioning or that the filters are clogged.
  • Suppose you have observed an increase in the frequency of your sniffles, a worsening of your respiratory issues, or general discomfort when the air conditioner is on. In that case, it may be time to evaluate the air quality in the building. Likewise, if your consumers begin to complain, you may notice this.

Luckily, Steve’s Refrigeration can dispatch a specialist to assist you if any of these problems arise. They exclusively work with commercial and industrial clients. Thus they are able to manage the most complex issues and ACs available. For over a decade, companies in Pampa, TX, have turned to them in their hour of need.

They have experience in every industry. Regardless of whether you run a corporate office or a dairy farm, it is essential to have adequate cooling during warmer months. Steve’s Refrigeration will quickly restore your comfort by utilizing only time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology.

Air conditioners may accomplish a great deal if they are properly maintained. Spring has barely come, but you should always take precautions in advance. Call Steve’s Refrigeration today whether you need them to repair your unit or do a fast inspection to prevent a problem over the summer!


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