How to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter and Keep It Running Smooth


In Massachusetts, you must constantly prepare for the cold weather. The weather may vary from warm in some years to buried in mountains of snow in others. No matter what happens, the weather will always be chilly. You most likely rush to your furnace or another heating source for help in order to keep yourself warm.

Furnaces serve a valuable purpose, but they can only function properly if they are taken care of. In fact, following the first cold snap, some individuals even discover that their appliances won’t turn on. This might be caused by a variety of things, but you can often prevent it by setting up your furnace ahead of time. The following advice can keep you warm this winter, whether you do it yourself or with the assistance of RCL Mechanical’s furnace repair in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Clean and Replace Your Filters

When a heater warms the air around you, it also improves the quality of the air by removing dust and other contaminants. They often provide filters to do this. The filters may eventually become too clogged with debris. This may lead to inadequate heating and potentially overwork the furnace to the point of failure, in addition to pushing the dirt back into the air.

Filter cleaning is not only simple but it can be finished in less than 30 minutes. The filter must be taken out by opening the filter door. Replace any replacement parts and check that they are firmly in place. If not, you may use a moist cloth or a small vacuum to clean your filters. Reinstall your filters, and then ensure sure the door is shut tightly.

Intake Pipe Inspection

One of a furnace system’s most important parts, the intake pipe, is crucial for providing a steady and sufficient heat delivery throughout the winter. It facilitates airflow into the furnace’s chamber, enabling it to generate heat as efficiently as feasible.

The intake pipe may easily get obstructed by materials like leaves or dirt due to its placement. A clogged pipe may hinder heating and provide a fire risk. Even while it might sometimes be simple for you to remove larger materials like twigs, hiring a service like RCL Mechanical can ensure that your pipes are cleaned thoroughly. If you start to detect any fractures in the line as well, be sure to contact them.

Setting the Thermostat

Your instinctive response may be to turn your heater up as much as possible since you want to stay warm throughout the winter. Unfortunately, doing so will result in a system that is overworked and has higher energy costs. When deciding on the optimal temperature, take into account factors such as household size, the kind of insulation used in buildings, windows, and other sources of air infiltration.

By weatherizing other areas of your house, you may make it much simpler to maintain a lower thermostat setting. Use weather strips on your windows and doors to prevent drafts. You may prevent snow or ice from accumulating by cleaning your gutters. Your water heater’s temperature has to be controlled for optimal performance, much like your furnace.

Yearly Maintenance

The finest maintenance you can provide your furnace, apart from your own labor, is to have an HVAC specialist come in for regular maintenance. For a proper winter preparation strategy, RCL Mechanical, for instance, may do all of the aforementioned labor as well as much more.

RCL Mechanical may also look for any prospective problems that can become harmful if not addressed right away by contacting them before winter. Breaking coils and having loose wires may also cause flames in furnaces. Additionally, they may look for any leaks that can have the same outcomes or even result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Only certain furnaces can be repaired, and sometimes a complete replacement can be your best option. After all, you might avoid having to pay for further patching in the future. You won’t be trapped in the cold during a storm if you replace a damaged furnace today.

RCL Mechanical in Taunton, MA, is delighted to provide services and is skilled in working with any brand of furnace. They provide various payment options and provide discounts for their services since they believe that no one should be forced to freeze.

Even when they are not in operation, furnaces need maintenance. This increases your assurance that they will function effectively after winter has finished. Contact RCL Mechanical for a sharp eye and a helping hand with your maintenance requirements.


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