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How to Kick Your Landscaping up a Notch


Nothing beats the feeling of pulling into your driveway after a long day’s work and falling in love with your home all over again. And, nothing enhances your home’s curb appeal like a well-landscaped yard. If you want to take your generic flower beds and kick them up a notch, then follow these expert tips.

Incorporate Lighting

Landscape lighting St Louis MO will upgrade your yard by highlighting only the best features. When thinking about where to install lighting, remember to keep it symmetrical but use different heights. Do some uplighting into trees and hanging baskets. Use ground lights in discs or on stakes to mark paths and outline flower beds. Finally, install lights to focus on address numbers, flagpoles and lawn decor.

Having a well-lit home provides safety benefits as well. If you have any dark corners or side doors, then place motion sensor lights in those areas.

Skip Mulch

Mulch looks great when it is newly laid out and hasn’t been faded by the sun or washed away by rain. But, mulch is expensive and needs to be replaced every year. There are alternatives to mulch that not only look better but also last for much longer. Lava rock has a beautiful red color, is pest resistant and helps conserve water. It is also very light, meaning you don’t need to break your back spreading it around.

Use More Pots

Somehow people got it into their heads that potted plants belong on porches and decks. However, sophisticated landscapers will use pots in much more creative ways. Hanging pots should not be limited to porch hooks. Hang small colorful pots of flowers from tree limbs instead. Place a large potted plant inside the flower garden to add some height and stylish detail. This is especially useful for plants that must be moved inside before the frost.


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