How to Maintain Your Furnace for Long Lasting Use


Remember to Bleed Any Radiators You Have

You need a radiator key to bleed the radiator. Starting at the top of the radiator, insert the key into the valve’s end. Turn it lightly when you hear a hissing sound. This might indicate an air leak in the valve. When this is finished, turn the valve the other way to turn it off. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure numerous times until the radiator is completely filled with water. You may verify this by touching the top of the radiator, which should be warm if it is filled properly. If you need assistance bleeding your radiator, speak with a specialist who can help you do it safely. When you’re finished, be sure to switch on the heater to make sure it’s operating properly.

Clean Filters are Essential

Regular cleaning of your boiler’s filters is crucial to keep it operating as efficiently as possible. To do this, first shut off the power supply, then let the device warm up before removing the filter. The filter should be carefully cleaned of any dust or debris after removal using a brush attachment or a vacuum. When the cleaning process is complete, replace the filter and switch the power supply back on. At the absolute least, you should use this procedure more often than once every six months if you have dogs or heat your house with an open fireplace. You can help ensure that your boiler operates safely and efficiently by doing this, which will ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Works Properly

The amount suggested by the manufacturer should be used to determine your boiler’s optimal temperature. If you’re not sure what this is, check your user manual or contact the manufacturer directly.

The temperature has to be checked and changed often. This might make sure that your hot water and central heating systems are using energy effectively and without wasting it. A boiler that is set too low or high might perform badly and cost more to operate.

Along with adjusting the temperature, you should routinely check the system’s pressure. A system’s ability to perform may be significantly impacted by too little or too much pressure, which may also lead to expensive repairs. If you’re unclear about how to check or adjust the pressure in your boiler, see the user handbook or contact a licensed expert.

Call a Professional

Having a professional service your boiler once a year is the best way to keep it in top running shape. Bedell Home Services offer reliable furnace repair in Greenfield, IN, so you won’t have to worry about any of the aforementioned problems while searching for furnace maintenance.

As a reputable local business, Advantage Heating is ready to handle all of your heating and furnace needs!

While the service is being done, a thorough examination will be done to look for any possible problems or wear. Additionally, they might assist you in identifying potential opportunities to increase energy efficiency and ensure that everything is functioning properly. If repairs are required, a professional can take care of them, saving you time and bother.

Be Leak Free

Leaking or rusting boilers may harm other parts of your house and utilize energy inefficiently, among other problems. To ensure optimal operation, regularly check your boiler for corrosion or leaks. Contact a professional as soon as you see any so they can evaluate the situation and carry out any required repairs. Additionally, look for any obstacles or blockages in the flue. If your boiler has been ignored for a long time, it may be necessary to have expert maintenance performed to make sure that all of its parts are in good working condition. Finally, keep an eye on the pressure indicator and refill as required. By following these steps, you can maintain your boiler in top working condition while lowering any safety threats.


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