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How To Protect Your Septic System


Septic systems are most often found in houses outside of city limits, where they don’t have easy access to the municipal sewer system. So, instead of relying on the city’s sewer system, the waste from your home goes into a septic system that is underground on your property.

Whether you’ve lived with a septic system for years or you’re new to them, you need to know what you can do to protect the system and help it work to the best of its abilities. Here are some simple ways you can keep your septic system in tiptop shape.

Use Enzymes

Enzymes are vital to the health of a septic tank because they break up the solid waste, so the bacteria in the tank can better do their job and digest what is in the tank. It is recommended that you use enzymes in your tank once a month. You can purchase enzymes in liquid form or small packets from your septic installation Antioch company. Then, you find the lowest toilet in your home and flush the enzymes. Choosing the lowest toilet causes the enzymes from getting hung up in the pipes and allows them to get into the tank to do their thing.

Limit Water Usage

Septic tanks have a water limit, and they can quickly become overwhelmed. You want to do everything you can to avoid this. So, instead of running multiple loads of laundry every day, you want to space them out over the week. If there was an accident, maybe your kids got sick, and you had to do a lot of laundry, then hold off on using the dishwasher or taking showers for the rest of the day.

Furthermore, even a leaky faucet or showerhead can overwhelm a septic tank. If you find any plumbing issues in your house, you’ll want to address them as soon as possible. Repairing the leaky faucet is going to be a much easier fix than dealing with an overflowing septic system.



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