How To Remove Scratches on Your Polished Floor


It is quite hurting to see a simple scratch almost ruins your newly polished floor. Well, it is such a delicate matter that you don’t always have control over the source of scratch. It can occur from your pet paws, or your kid may do it during playtime, or even you can also be the reason behind it as you drop something accidentally on the floor surface.

However, getting sad about the fact is not going to take you anywhere. Instead, you should start thinking about the solutions. The experts of floor sanding and polishing in Richmond are here to suggest some of the remedies. Read on the following to find out how you can gradually proceed to the solution step by step.

Assess the Type of Damage

Before deciding on the level of repairing you should be opting for, you need to assess the type of damage at first. Check out the depth of the damage at first. Secondly, check out its spread carefully. Is the scratch located somewhere at any of the edges of the floor surface or somewhere in the middle?

And, lastly, you are also meant to consider the timeline till you have left the scratch unattended and exposed. It’s important because if you have left it for a long time and that too unattended, dirt and dust particles will start accumulating in the scratch.

Is There Any DIY Solution for Scratch Repairing?

Well, it is always recommended by the professionals of floor sanding and polishing in Richmond to go for a DIY solution only if the damage is too light – a hairline scratch, for instance. Some companies manufacture high-quality wax sticks or touch-up crayons for this purpose. It costs not more than $6 per stick to be precise. So, you can always try to cover up the damage by using this wax stick.

When To Go For Professional Scratch Repair Services?

As mentioned earlier, it all depends on the depth of the scratch. The professionals suggest that for the minor scratches, which cannot be easily removed with the DIY method, but can be dealt with professional help. The experts carry out a little sanding along with a re-coating on the floor for the scratch repairing.

The most crucial tip to remember in this case is to make sure that the colour of the newly coated area and old polish do not appear to be different. This is why it is mandatory for the experts of floor sanding and polishing in Richmond to inspect the location of the scratch minutely and then go for the necessary steps.

Final Words

Wondering what exactly will happen if the level of scratch damage turns out to be too much? Well, as the service providers suggest that if the damage becomes too grave or deep, a simple re-coat will not be enough. Instead, you may need to go for a complete floor stripping and get new flooring. Also, you are being advised by the specialists of floor sanding and polishing in Richmond to be a bit careful regarding the movement of large furniture on the floor surface as it is something that causes maximum damage regarding scratches.



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