How to Take a Recliner Apart?


Be it for any reason, taking apart a recliner should not be taken lightly unless you carefully study your recliner and its components.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your task simple. Scroll through to know every single move you have to take to dismantle your recliner. From taking apart the best quality leather recliner to any type of recliner, you can follow these steps.

Before you start dismantling your recliner, make sure you keep away all the sharp objects away and that the recliner is placed in a comfortable space.

Tools Required to Take Apart Your Recliner

Make sure to take all of the tools before you sit down to dismantle your recliner

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Knife
  • Cutting pliers

It is highly recommended not to forcefully remove any component of a recliner because it could damage the whole fixture. Getting them back to shape might be a great difficulty if it breaks off. Also, be careful while placing your hands on the upholstery because they are prone to tearing off easily. Use the knife or scissors precisely without causing any destruction to the fabric or leather.

Step-By-Step Guidance To Take A Recliner Apart

  1. The primary move is to take off the upholstery. To remove it, you need to take off the cushion if it’s unattached to the recliner. If it’s attached to the body, look out for a zipper to take off the cushion. In case of the absence of a zipper, cut the fabric carefully by placing a knife exactly on the stitches.
  2. The next process is to place your recliner upside down and remove all the stapled bolts that hold the upholstery firmly. Leather or fabric from all the parts of a recliner can be removed by taking off the staples.
  3. Once you take off the upholstery, concentrate on the back of the recliner. Once the back is removed, you can easily remove the rest of the components. The screws have to be taken off to remove the back. Locate the screws on the top of the recliner’s back. Carefully take them off with the screwdriver and place them aside.
  4. The next element to be removed is the armrest of your recliner. Screws are used to connect the armrest of a recliner to its body. Once you take off the screws or bolts, you can remove the armrest.
  5. Cords and springs are the predominant part of a recliner. These springs help in turning the normal chair into a recliner. You can find the cables at the bottom of the chair whereas the spring is usually placed near the top of a recliner. A plier can be used to take off the cords and springs from the recliner’s body.
  6. The next part to focus on is the sides of a recliner. Remove the bolts that are on the side portions. Place a screwdriver to take them off.
  7. After the sides are done, the footrest is the last element. Once everything is removed from the recliner, the footrest is easy to remove.
  8. The entire frame can be removed now easily as all the screws and components are taken away entirely.

Tips To Consider Before Taking Apart Your Recliner

  • Take safety precautions while handling screwdrivers and scissors. The sharp edges might cause harm to you or anyone around helping you
  • It is highly recommended to place the screws and bolts removed from each section separately and label them so that they can be accessed easily at the time of assembling them back
  • Make sure to keep any elders or children away from the room as they can get hurt because of the bolts and screws
  • Keep your recliner on an equal surface to prevent them from sliding or losing grip
  • Consider using a glove to protect your fingers and goggles to avoid the staples from entering your eyes
  • If you are using a recliner that is power-sourced, make sure you unplug the recliner
  • If you own an old recliner, use the help of oil to detach the screws easily
  • Be careful about any oil spilled on the floor

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are all recliners dismantlable?

Not all recliners can be taken apart. It depends on the manufacturing techniques that have gone into producing the recliner. Some recliners are assembled as a single part and cannot be removed easily.

  1. Do I need expert assistance to dismantle the recliner?

Expert assistance depends on the type of recliner you own. If it’s a basic recliner without any advanced features, you can do it by yourself. If your recliner comes with advanced technology, you will need expert guidance.

  1. Can I reassemble the recliner easily?

You can assemble the recliner easily. Make sure you keep all the screws and bolts identifiable so that it will be easy for you when you sit resembling the recliner.

  1. Is it possible to wash the upholstery?

Yes. you can wash the upholstery by using mild detergent and cold water. Make sure to check for the “washable” tag on the fabric or the product manual.


Now we have arrived at the end of the article, we hope our article has guided you through taking apart your recliner. If you need more information on the recliners to buy and other maintenance tips, you can head to Dismantling a recliner should be the icing on the cake as you have everything handy now.





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