Installing maintenance-free capped decking nearby to your pool area


The wood decking material is often exposed to all types of harsh conditions. But when you have selected capped material then you can trust its durability. Even under harsh conditions, this material is more resistant to all elements of weathering.

  • In a few cases, mild maintenance might be needed when installing this material in your outdoors nearby to the pool area.
  • The wood is practically water-resistant and so it can also withstand such conditions for many years.
  • The wooden material is also an ideal choice for all types of outdoors as it is visually very much appealing.

Even if the capped decking is more durable, still there are a few important factors you need to keep in mind when installing them near to your pool area.

Pre-installation caring

The material is expensive and so it is important to take proper care, even before the material has been installed. The material is chemically treated during the manufacturing stage and so you don’t have to worry about mold and dampness developments.

But to maintain the material in its best state, you will have to ensure that the outdoors receives a free flow of air.

Check with proper spacing

As the decking will be installed nearby to the pool area so you have to ensure that each slab has been perfectly placed in its position. This is the reason why the task of laying down the decking should only be left for experts.

There should be a sufficient amount of space left in between each slab so air and water can flow easily. This will prevent the water from being accumulated on top of the decking.

Ensure that soil is perfectly graded

Capped material is better resistant to water and harsh condition, but still care is important during the preparation stage. When preparing the decking you have to ensure that the soil is perfectly graded so it allows easy flow of water.

Graded soil will also guarantee that the water is never allowed to accumulate underneath the decking area. This will increase the life span of the decking by many years.

Place boards in a perfect position

The moment you are laying down the boards, you have to ensure that each board is placed flat over the soil. Check with the perfect level of the board as compared to the ground.

Whenever you are preparing a patio or pool decking, you should always select an expert team to get the job done. Capped decking if well installed and maintained, will last for many years, next to your pool area.


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