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Insulating Your Home in Preparation For Winter


When the weather gets downright chilly outside, it’s nice to come home to a cozy house. In order to make it warm, though, it’s necessary to keep everything insulated. Here are a few key locations where you should inspect the weatherproofing before the temperatures drop.

The Attic

The area between your ceiling and the rafters contains insulation to keep your home toasty inside when it’s nippy outside. Over time, the insulating material can wear down, but you won’t know about it unless you inspect it each year. Check attic insulation for areas where it is missing or falling apart. Replace those pieces or consider spray polyurethane foam Chalfont PA to prevent cold air from seeping in. Properly insulating your attic goes a long way to keeping your home comfortable during winter.

Doors and Windows

Other areas in your home that get drafty are the doors and windows. Small gaps in the frames allow cold outside air to seep in. Most of these have weatherstripping, which fills in these gaps. That material also wears down with age and extreme temperature, and it needs replacing, too. Additionally, glass windows allow cold air to radiate into the home. You can use insulation kits containing transparent sheets of plastic installed over the glass to trap the air between the window and the plastic, preventing it from getting into the house.

Heating Ducts and Vents

To heat your home, you probably use your home’s heater. Most of the time, your HVAC system is located in the garage or attic. Neither location provides a lot of heat, which means the ducts coming from the machine get cold from the surrounding air. Sending warm air through the cold vents means some of that heat gets lost when traveling to other areas of the house. Wrapping your heating tubes in insulation keeps the metal warm and also helps prevent air from seeping out in between the pieces.


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