Is It Time to Repair Your Air Conditioner?


The heat in Texas may be oppressive, and it is critical that your supply of cooling stays operational when you operate a company. A faulty air conditioner might not only make your customers sweat, but it can also jeopardize their health if they have any pre-existing ailments. Knowing when your unit is reaching the end of its life is the most incredible method to ensure that you avoid such disasters and keep customers coming in for your services.

If you detect any of the issues listed below, don’t hesitate to take action. Air conditioner repair is only one of the numerous commercial services in Spring, Texas, provided by North Point Air Conditioning & Heating. Even if you need them after hours, rest assured that there is always a professional on call.

Potential Problems

The most detrimental thing you can do as a business owner is put off maintenance to your commercial cooling system until it entirely fails. Almost always, your system will warn you that it is time for service far in advance of any possible difficulties. The following are some instances of such indicators:

  • Typically, exceptionally high utility bills are ignored until there is a noticeable price increase, at which point the cause must be found. Most of the time, a huge bill indicates that your air conditioner is working too hard to keep you cool.
  • Air conditioners may be somewhat noisy, but you typically know what to expect. Listen for any strange hissing or banging noises.
  • If your air conditioner only blows warm air, there’s something wrong with the refrigerant or the evaporator coil.
  • A buildup of dust surrounding the building is typically an indication that your unit’s filters are clogged and need to be changed or cleansed.
  • Any odor emanating from your air conditioner is cause for concern. Burnt odors may suggest that the coil is not properly lubricated and that there is friction within the device. If left unchecked, a spark can ignite and cause your air conditioner to catch fire.

You should never ignore any of these considerations if you want to keep your establishment and its visitors safe. Even though it appears trivial at first, you might face significant expenditures and a high volume of foot traffic.

Steps to Take

If you want to prevent dangers, you must accept responsibility for your company’s air conditioning by treating it like you would your employees and customers.

One of the simplest methods to maintain your AC’s functionality is to keep it clean. Because the filters accumulate a lot of dust, it will take a lot of energy for the device to expel any cold air once they are clogged. Some filters may be replaced, while others can be cleaned with a duster or a moist cloth. Remember to do this on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for the greatest effects.

It’s also a good idea to check that the thermostat on the unit is set to a consistent temperature. Even though some days are hotter than others, changing it too frequently will confuse the system and eventually lead to overloading. Most specialists recommend that air conditioners maintain a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, having the AC tested by specialists like North Point Air Conditioning & Heating before its first usage of the year is your best choice. They will be able to detect if there are any worn wires or if the coolant needs to be replenished during the evaluation before you risk a problem.

When Should You Call an Emergency Technician?

As previously stated, an urgent crisis exists whenever a threat to the convenience and safety of your organization or facility exists. But there’s no need to worry since North Point Air Conditioning & Heating is simply a phone call away for Spring, TX, businesses in need.

If you want to keep clients satisfied, your firm must always be functioning, and their crew understands this from personal experience. As a result, they provide emergency repair services to ensure that your business does not have to close for the night due to the heat.

They will not only assist you on the warmest days. North Point Air Conditioning & Heating will be present to inspect your furnace before the first cold snap of the season. Given that the season is quickly approaching, now could be a good time to call them in.

Business owners want to impress their customers in whatever way they can, and maintaining the facility at the proper temperature is a fantastic first step. North Point Air Conditioning & Heating is equally as eager to please you. Allow them to ensure that your air conditioner is in good working order even if a problem arises unexpectedly.


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