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Is Vinyl Flooring Good For Your Home?


Is vinyl flooring good for your home? Here’s a brief review of the pros and cons of this flooring type. In addition to being a beautiful and durable floor covering, vinyl is also resistant to moisture and stains. It also has anti-slip and traction-increasing features. And as for house dust mites, the CDC lists vinyl flooring as a superior option to the carpet. Plus, vinyl flooring manufacturers have been improving their manufacturing processes to minimize the emissions of chemicals like phthalates. Consumer Reports surveyed 17 types of vinyl tiles and found the presence of phthalates at extremely low levels. However, the report also recommends frequent floor cleaning and washing hands after kids crawl on vinyl.

Cleaning is easy with vinyl flooring. All you need to do is vacuum the floor once a week to remove any loose dirt. Rigid core vinyl requires a quick sweep, while sheet vinyl can be vacuumed and mopped. And because vinyl doesn’t have grout lines, it’s easy to maintain. Unlike wood and carpets, vinyl flooring is easy to clean. A damp mop will do the job effectively, but a soaking wet mop will cause damage. And if you get stubborn stains, you can try a soft nylon brush.

Another consideration when laying vinyl flooring is the subfloor. If it’s laid over a concrete surface, unevenness will show up as bumps on the floor. Luckily, most manufacturers recommend that you lay down only one layer of vinyl over a smooth surface, because patterned vinyl will show through the top layer. To ensure the flooring will last, clean the subfloor thoroughly before laying down the first layer of vinyl.

Vinyl is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring. It’s waterproof, easy to maintain, and offers high customization and design flexibility. But it’s not perfect. Although it’s waterproof, vinyl flooring doesn’t feel authentic. So you can’t count on it to add any value to your home. There are also some cons to vinyl. Here’s a brief review of pros and cons. It’s probably best not to buy it if you’re in a hurry.

The benefits of vinyl flooring are many. For instance, the durability of the material is enhanced by the use of aluminum oxide. However, it’s also more expensive than its cheaper counterparts. But, it’s well worth the extra cost. If you’re looking for a flooring solution that will last for many years, you can look for high-quality vinyl flooring. It’s highly recommended for commercial and residential applications. Just be sure to read the manufacturer’s specifications and choose wisely.

Although it’s difficult to predict exactly how long vinyl flooring will last in a home, it’s usually long-lasting and doesn’t require special care. And it’s good for rooms with a lot of foot traffic. In fact, some manufacturers offer warranties for as long as 15 years. If you’re thinking of purchasing vinyl flooring, consider the fact that the life expectancy will depend on the quality of the material, installation, and the overall lifespan.

When it comes to design, vinyl flooring has become more attractive and diverse. In the past, vinyl flooring was synonymous with a plastic sheet. However, today’s vinyl floors come in a variety of attractive forms, including resilient luxury vinyl tiles, 100% waterproof rigid core vinyl planks, and improved sheet options. They’re available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs, and the latest digital photography means that the images look as close as possible to what they’re actually made of. You can choose a Chevron, herringbone, or checkerboard design that best suits your interiors.

If you want to install vinyl flooring, make sure your subfloor is clean and intact. If you have a subfloor that isn’t, you’ll need to make some minor repairs to accommodate the adhesives that are used to adhere vinyl to the subfloor. Another important factor to keep in mind is that vinyl is thinner than other types of flooring, and if you place small particles underneath it, you may end up with noticeable bumps on the surface of the flooring.


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