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Issues You Can Avoid With Garage Floor Epoxy


Concrete floors can look so much better if you add an epoxy coat. This is a common solution for garages when the expectations are high but the funds are low. After all, these areas have special needs due to their nature as vehicle storage facilities. You need to find a floor material that can solve all of the problems posed by such an application. Cars are heavy and mobile. They can run hot and get dirty. They require a variety of fluids to run at top form. However, if you have a high quality garage floor epoxy, then you will won’t have to worry about the following:


This type of floor has a water-resistant surface. You can spill anything on top but they will not leave a stain because the liquid will not seep through to the bottom. It will stay on the surface until you wipe it off with a rag. This ability to brush off liquids and remain unaffected is vital when dealing with cars because they might leak oils, gasoline, and other chemicals. A lesser floor cover would forever bear the unsightly marks of these stains. Epoxy will simply shrug and stay beautiful.


Garages are basically workshops for cars. There will be lots of time spent on repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. You will be using some heavy tools around the area. If you accidentally dropped any of these, the epoxy floor will survive without any trace of the slip. You will not see any cracks on the spot. That surely would not be the case if you used tiles instead. This level of durability should give you the confidence to do what you need to do without walking on eggshells.


The polished surface of an epoxy floor will provide a glorious shine that will remain there for a long time. It will reflect light and make the garage look brighter and bigger than it is. You won’t have to worry about dirt because you can easily sweep the particles off the floor. You can also mop the surface for good measure and let it air dry. It will be a pleasing space that perfectly complements your shiny cars.


The polished surface might have you worried about slips but put that worry aside because you can put aggregates into the epoxy mix to create a nonslip top coat. You can walk around it even when wet without sliding around which could be a problem with other floor types. This is important since the surface is nonporous. Water will continue to pool on the surface until you clean the spot yet the nonslip coat ensures that the risk of accident is low.


The garage will have to be opened even in wet weather to allow the cars to get in and out. The cars will need washing on a regular basis. All of these can lead to distortion if you pick the wrong type of floor. Porous ones will swell when wet and crack open when dry. Epoxy will have none of these issues because it can adjust with the temperatures and repel moisture.

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