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Knowing The Different Types Of Tiles


Tiles are a very important part of the house no matter how big or small it is. There are various types of tiles available in the market for you to choose from but it might be of no use if you don’t know any of these types. Well, you may not worry now as we are here to explain to you the different types of tiles-


  • Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tile is one of the most commonly used tiles in any household because of its many advantages. It’s suitable for the kitchen, bedroom, living room and any other room in the house. It is easy to clean, available in different styles and is budget-friendly.



  • Porcelain Tiles: Like ceramic, porcelain too is quite the most commonly used tiles in many houses. It gives a very raw and natural touch to the house with its designs and does not require any additional maintenance. Porcelain too has a variety of designs, styles and colors. It can also be used in areas with extreme cold as the tile won’t crack or fade.



  • Marble Tiles: Marble tiles are quite costly compared to the rest but it adds a touch of elegance to your house. It has great texture and depth, which can be very useful in rooms like the bathroom. Also, all the designs of the marble tile are unique and different from each other. Though marble tiles require high maintenance, it adds great richness and beautifies your house way better.



  • Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles come in a lot of different styles, shapes, designs, and colors. It is a good way to add a creative touch to your house. However, this tile may look like a very unique addition in your home, but depending on the design, mosaic tile can quickly get outdated. 



  • Limestone Tiles: Limestone is a type of natural stone tile that adds a rustic style filled with natural tones, colors, and shades. It delivers a look of natural and ancient architecture. It has a high durability rate and can also be cut into any given shape and size as required. Limestone tile is usually used for outdoor styling purposes to give a perfect ethnic look to the house.


So this year, go for the tile trends that will render a contemporaneous ambiance to your space.  Get in touch with Club Ceramic today for all your unique tile needs. 



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