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Knowing What To Expect During Your Monthly Pool Service For Your Home


Keeping your pool a clean and healthy place to be is important to enjoy it throughout the summer months. If you don’t want to do the heavy maintenance required you can hire a pool service, who will typically complete the following services to keep your pool functioning well.

Deep Cleaning

While you will need to clean your pool daily, by skimming for debris that’s landed in it overnight, a deep clean can be saved for monthly visit. During the visit your pool service Sarasota FL will clean up debris buildup on the bottom of your pool, on the surface of the water and in the pump baskets. They will also brush and vacuum the sides and bottom of your pool and will spray your deck clean.

Proper Chemical Balance

Your pool service will ensure you have the chemicals balanced correctly in your pool water and will perform shock treatments to keep your water clear from bacteria and other germs. You still need to check your water chemicals daily because small imbalances can allow bacteria to flourish, but your pool service will make sure you’re water is correctly balanced.

Equipment Check

Having a pool means you have a lot of equipment that goes with it. Ladders, pumps and handrails need to be inspected for any damage so small repairs can happen immediately. You’ll also want them to check your liner for tears or cracks.

Filter Cleaning

Your pool filter should also be inspected during a monthly service. It should be removed and cleaned during each visit to ensure the water is properly flowing and the filter is still in good working condition. If it needs to be replaced your pool service will have replacements to keep your filter working well.

Having some help to keep your pool maintained can be a huge time saver and give you peace of mind that you’re taking care of it well in between services.


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