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Maintaining Your Commercial Property


An investment in commercial property can add diversity and value to your retirement portfolio. There are many different types of commercial properties available, and each has unique needs and upkeep strategies. In order to keep your investment in good shape, it’s important to maintain your asset by having a good understanding of all the assets on your commercial property.

Parking Lots

If your property has a parking lot, then the maintenance and upkeep of the lot should be addressed on a yearly basis. A good asphalt paving Pennsylvania company will help to repair asphalt as it ages, giving you as much bang for your buck as you can get out of one laying of asphalt.

Sometimes, you may have to do an entire re-paving job, and having a certified professional on your side is a smart idea. Re-surfacing a well-laid asphalt parking lot should only need to happen every 10-15 years, depending on how much it is used.


Staying on top of the lawn and landscape at your commercial property is important. Having a certified landscape professional as a partner will help you to keep a well-manicured lawn and can also assist in any drainage issues that you might have on the property.

Pest Control

Unwanted pests do not discriminate between residential and commercial property, so it is important to partner with a pest control company to keep your space pest-free. There are a variety of treatment plans available; one could employ a company to do quarterly preventative maintenance, or just choose to have someone on call when pest problems arise.

Building Maintenance

Depending on the size and type of your commercial property, it may be worthwhile to invest in a maintenance team to help the building structure and amenities remain in great shape. The regular use of any building means normal wear and tear, and it’s easier to stay on top of these repairs than having some smaller issue grow into something big.

Having a solid maintenance plan in place will make owning your commercial property easier. Good partnerships with other companies are a great asset.


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