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Maintenance That Should Never Be Ignored For Your Home


Maintenance on a home is a process that never stops. You’re constantly changing air filters and testing smoke detectors. Sometimes you might feel over it and want to just let it all go. However, regular maintenance can help prevent major problems and can save you thousands in repairs. So, instead of throwing in the towel, remember these maintenance items around your home that should never be forgotten about.

Hot Water Tank

Water is full of minerals and sometimes debris. As water is heated in your water heater, the minerals and debris turn into sediment that falls to the bottom of the tank. If you never do anything with the sediment, it could cause clogs or even cause the machine to stop working. If you don’t feel comfortable draining the tank yourself, call a plumber for help.


Gutters are often an out of sight, out of mind issue. You can’t necessarily see that they’re full of pine needles and leaves, so you don’t worry about them. However, if you get rain and your gutters are full, you could find yourself dealing with a lot more problems than full gutters.

When gutters aren’t cleaned, the debris piles up and blocks the downspout. The clog causes water to overflow and could rot the fascia board that the gutter is connected to. If this board rots, it could let water enter your home.

It is recommended that you do gutter cleaning Galt CA a minimum of twice a year. If you live in an area with a lot of trees that blow leaves onto your roof, you will likely need to clean them more often.


Your fridge runs all day and night, and because of that, you want to always keep it in good condition. It is helpful to clean the coils and remove any built-up dust to prevent any problems. Additionally, check the seals on the door. If any of them are cracked or peeling away, replace them immediately. They’re allowing cold air out, which means your fridge is running more than it needs to.


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