Methods to Keep Your Drains Unclogged


A clogged drain is one of the most aggravating problems we might face in our houses. These concerns, whether in our sinks, showers, or toilets, may become annoyances if not addressed promptly. In fact, if the blockage persists for an extended period of time, it might cause floods or burst pipes.

While not all clogs are your fault, there are things you may do to reduce the frequency with which they occur. The following are only a few pieces of advice to bear in mind. However, if a blockage is causing you ongoing problems, don’t hesitate to contact Quahog Plumbing. Their drain cleaning in Fall River, MA, will keep your house functioning smoothly for a long time.

Be Mindful of What You Flush

One of the most often used appliances in your home is the toilet. Everyone in your home is bound to use them many times every day, so they are always on. As a result, they are frequently one of the most common victims of blockage. If you use the plunger frequently, there might be a lot of problems with the drain system.

Because toilet drains are typically just two or three inches in diameter, they are designed to flush toilet paper and garbage. Items that are more difficult to break down will become caught in the system. Make sure that you are not flushing diapers, feminine hygiene items, or paper towels. If you have tiny children, keep the lid closed to prevent them from throwing toys into the bowl.

Set Up Drain Screens

When we wash or bathe, it is usual for some of our hair to fall out while we clean up. While this may not appear to be a major concern, those strands can accumulate and build a large bulk in our drains. When the hairball grows too large, it could clog your drain. When you brush your hair or shave, this may also happen in your bathroom sink.

Installing drain strainers is one technique to avoid having to clean up a moist clump of hair. Drain screens work as fine sieves that fit over water drain holes, catching hair and other debris and preventing it from entering the pipe. The benefit of this method is that the screen can be quickly removed and cleaned instead of having to crawl into pipes or pour chemicals down your drains to dislodge a blockage.

Understand What’s in Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are helpful for folks who cook frequently. These devices aid in the breakdown of leftovers, such as eggshells and peels, that may fall into the sink. However, individuals must be more cautious about what else enters their bodies. More complex materials, such as fruit pits or bones, are too tricky for disposal to handle and can destroy the blades.

To avoid a disaster:

  1. Make sure you leave these items in your sink for a short time.
  2. Please put them in your garbage right away. The same should be done with any old grease or fats since they will solidify and produce a clog as they sit.
  3. Pour them into an old container or box for the most secure disposal.

Get Professional Cleaning Services

Although many blockages may be removed using a plunger or auger, it is always a good idea to have professionals handle your drain cleaning. Although you may believe that hiring a plumber is more expensive, it really saves you money in the long run. Regular drain cleanings will help you avoid more serious problems in your pipes, which would necessitate more extensive repairs or whole replacements.

Quahog Plumbing might be your best bet in these situations. They know it is crucial that work is complete the day you call them because it reduces your risk of trouble immediately. Even though drain cleanings can be a lot of help, there are times when further action must take place, but their team is equipped to help with that, too.

When they work within your kitchen, Quahog Plumbing is also able to help renovate your space by installing convenient items like dishwashers or garbage disposals. In the bathroom, they can replace your old, water-guzzling toilet with a low-flow unit.

Their team has proudly served residents of Dighton, Somerset, and Fall River, MA, for over 15 years when their clogs become a constant battle. When your toilet or sink is a source of headaches, contact their plumbers in an instant.


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