Mistakes To Avoid While Storage Planning For Your Kitchen



The kitchen is one of the spaces in your home you should organise properly. This will make performing your culinary tasks more convenient and the interiors appear appealing. With so many items starting from jars, spoons, pans, and woks to appliances, storing everything without sufficient kitchen storage can be difficult. Hence, creating sufficient storage in the kitchen becomes essential. 

You must be careful when creating your kitchen storage. If you do not plan it properly, you may encounter many storage issues. This can prevent you from making use of the storage space efficiently. To help you create the perfect storage space in your kitchen, mentioned below are a few mistakes you should avoid: 

01 of 04 Not opting for sufficient kitchen cabinets

Most urban homes are quite compact and have small kitchens. To make the kitchen design interiors appear spacious, homeowners often consider opting for fewer cabinets. It is a huge mistake and your kitchen should have sufficient cabinets even if it is small. This is because cabinets are crucial to store all your kitchen essentials and keep the interiors organised. Moreover, cabinets are available in many different designs and allow you to add more aesthetic beauty to the space. Hence, it is imperative that you do not reduce the number of cabinets. You can come up with ideas instead to make your small kitchen appear more spacious. 

A very common technique used by experts to make a kitchen design for a small space appear spacious is choosing light colours for the interiors. Choose only light colours for everything from the walls to your cabinets. Light colours reflect more light and make interiors appear spacious. Further, you can benefit from choosing cabinets that feature a more extended upper unit. They will make your kitchen appear larger than it is. Other common tricks involve choosing cabinets with glass doors or a reflective finish. Both options will help to create the illusion of a larger space. 

02 of 04 Installing regular cabinets in corners

To make use of the space efficiently, people install cabinets in the corners. However, they make the mistake of installing regular cabinets in the space. Regular cabinets will open awkwardly in corners. This is why many people prefer storing seldomly used items in these cabinets. As a result, the space is not used properly. Also, they will diminish the overall appeal of the room. 

To solve this problem, you should opt for specially designed corner cabinets. They perfectly fit into that space and allow you to store various items you can access easily. You can get customised cabinets as well for the corner spaces so that they fit perfectly in your kitchen. 

03 of 04 Not making use of the space efficiently

Many people make the mistake of not planning the kitchen storage properly. As a result, a lot of space is left unused. A few commonly unused spaces include the free space above your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. You can come up with various ideas to make use of these free spaces and increase the storage space. Creating small cabinets in these spaces can further make more storage areas in your kitchen. Similarly, do not leave the walls completely blank. You can install open shelves in the walls to create additional storage. By displaying your beautiful crockery or glassware collection on these shelves, you can enhance the beauty of the kitchen design interiors as well. 

Do not just focus on large things. You must pay attention to small aspects as well. For instance, the drawers can get easily cluttered. To prevent it from happening, you can install drawer dividers that will allow you to store everything from knives and spoons to spatulas, peelers, etc. separately. 

04 of 04 Ignoring the importance of a dedicated pantry space 

To ensure you can perform your culinary tasks smoothly, all the necessary ingredients and food items should be available in your kitchen. However, storing so many items together in a kitchen design for a small space is difficult if you do not have a dedicated space. This is why experts always suggest opting for a pantry in the kitchen. It will help to stock everything in one place and access them easily. You can customise the number of shelves in the pantry depending on the items you want to store. Moreover, choosing a pantry is great for blind corners. You will be able to create more storage space in your kitchen and ensure it appears appealing as well. In case your kitchen area permits, you can opt for modern walk-in pantries that are large and great for effective storage. 



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