Multitalented Construction Company in Hawaii is enriching dreams of many



When a person is successful, he tends to grow more arrogant. The opposite was true for Nan Chul Shin. He grew more humble and grounded after his first accomplishment. For numerous charity organizations and even for his own initiatives, he became a major contributor.

Nan Inc., the biggest locally owned general contractor in Hawaii, owes its success to the earnest efforts, commitment, and desire to serve the community of its founder.

Today, he’s also a well-known philanthropist who has given a great deal of money to worthy organizations such as orphanages and schools in the state of Hawaii. This demonstrates that he is a man with a pure heart.

A construction leader, but also an advocate for the impoverished and those in need. Patrick Shin does all of this with minimal fanfare and no fuss. A real human being, free of all vices, he is!


An indefinite quantity of work distributed over several locations may be handled with ease by Nan, Inc. because to the company’s large resources, outstanding construction management services, and technological expertise. Throughout the years, Nan, Inc. has completed a number of multi-million dollar restorations, including technological upgrades and the preservation of historic features.

Managing the construction process

For many years, the industry’s leading construction management firm, Nan, Inc. A number of multi-million dollar projects have been handled by the organization in the past. Nan, Inc. has shown to be a specialist in project management and a fantastic performer over the course of 30 indefinite-quantity projects. It has been Nan, Inc.’s construction management team since the company’s beginning that has acquired the required knowledge to assure the quality and timeliness of each project it supervises.

Work for hire in any and all sectors

As a general contractor in the Pacific for over 20 years, we have a wide range of experience and expertise in the field. Nan, Inc. has the resources and tenacity to complete every project on time and under budget, without sacrificing the highest possible level of quality.


Many of Nan, Inc.’s design-build projects have involved close collaboration with architects and other design professionals. These projects have helped the organization get a deeper understanding of the design-construction process and build professional ties with design firms in the Pacific. Nan, Inc. understands the need of early involvement by the construction team in the design process and has the necessary expertise to avoid and manage any problems before construction begins.

There are several clients in many different sectors who have relied on the Nan Inc. for high-quality construction services for over a decade. One such industry is transportation. To the satisfaction of the people of Hawaii, the Hawaii General Contractor has already completed two transportation projects. 


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