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Photo Canvas – Bleed or No Bleed – Gallery Wrap Explained


One of the most common questions asked when people send us canvas prints is if they should have bleed or no bleed added to the print?  Here we explain what the difference is to have no bleed on a canvas print and to have it with bleed on. This is often referred to as Gallery Wrap.


Most common selected option. This is where the image wraps around the sides of the stretcher bars and there is no white showing on the canvas print. The image requires extra 50mm all the way around the edge to allow for the image to be wrapped around the sides and back of the stretcher. We add this to the canvas. You do not loose any of the image from the from of the canvas.  We add it by mirroring the last 2inches of the image over the edges.


This is NOT the most common selected option. This is where the image is accurately printed and stretched to the front edge of the canvas print and the sides remain white with no image printed. This is NOT the most common way to have canvas prints done. Most people opt for canvas prints with the bleed added.

Caring your photo canvas prints

Custom photo canvas prints are always special, as even an ordinary photo will have a dramatic effect on canvas. Though canvas prints last longer than our ordinary photos that are printed on photo paper, they too need to be taken care of well so that they will remain new for a longer period of time.

The selection of the place to hang your print is very important. You must choose a wall or a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Your prints should not get direct sunlight. If it happens to get direct sunlight on a daily basis, it will fade faster. Sunlight is highly potent and it has the tendency to make vibrant colours fade and that is one of the reasons we are recommended to hang most fabrics in shade and not in direct sunlight. So the first important factor is protection from direct sunlight.

The second important factor is temperature. Your canvas prints should not be hung in a place where they will be subjected to drastic temperature changes. This will make the surface of the canvas prints crack and in due course, the printed surface will start to peel off and become “saggy”.

It is not a good idea to hang your prints over a fireplace if you want them to last for a long time.

If you happen to store your prints in your cupboard, without displaying them, make sure to store them carefully. Do not place heavy weights over the canvas prints. Wrap them neatly using soft dry paper so that the colour does not stick to the surface of the wrapping paper. Store your canvasses in a dry place and avoid damp rooms or cupboards.

Photo Canvas Cleaning

If your canvas prints are used as wall decors, clean them regularly so that dust does not get accumulated on the surface. If dust gets accumulated on them it will look old and lose its impressive texture. Avoid using any cleaning fluid on your prints. Even the mildest cleaning fluid may ruin the surface of  them. So make sure to dust your prints with a dry brush or a soft cloth.

Above all, you must make sure that you are buying your canvas prints from a reliable online store. If you fail to pick your canvasses from a reputable store, you are likely to get poor quality prints. A number of factors go into the making of good quality canvas prints. The quality of the ink used, the quality of the canvas material used for printing, the printing process used, the nature of stretching and the bars used for mounting etc., affect the quality of your canvas prints. You must therefore pick a reliable online store that sells best quality materials for printing your photos on canvas.

Photo Canvas Prints from CanvasDesign UK

Here at CanvasDesign we make use of only the best quality material for printing all your photos on canvas and you can count on the quality of our canvas prints. We also now offer Giclee coating of your canvas that will make it last even longer.



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