Problems That Frequently Cause Clogged Drains


One of the most troublesome plumbing problems is a clogged drain. Your sink fills up with water while you try to determine what’s wrong. Although inevitable clogs, such as defective lines, are beyond our grasp, there are several typical mistakes that individuals make that result in a major obstruction.

When going about your regular business, try to keep the following considerations in mind. If problems do arise and you can’t figure out what’s causing them, a member of 911 Rooter & Plumbing can come out and make sure you don’t have to suffer with the unpleasant pooling water any longer.

A Hardened Mass of Grease

Have you ever had leftover bacon grease after preparing breakfast? What else can you do but flush it down the toilet? Although cooking oil appears to be properly disposed of, fat may quickly build in pipes and cause a blockage. A clog arises as a result of the grease congealing and trapping scraps of food and other debris. Grease also slows the flow of water through pipes, resulting in obstructions and slow drains. To avoid these problems, gather leftover cooking oil in a container and throw it away.

Call 911 Rooter & Plumbing if you see a buildup that is creating a foul odor. They will be there in a flash, so you can stroll around your kitchen without pinching your nose or spraying Fabreze all the time.

Clumps of Stuck Hair

When you comb your hair, it all gets trapped in the brush. Much of it, though, ends up in the sink. This is also true when shaving in front of a mirror. To avoid clogging your pipes, remove hair with a paper towel and discard it rather than flushing it through the drain with water. Do you really want to have to untangle a tangle of wet hair later?

Install a shower strainer to avoid this problem. While it cannot absorb microscopic hairs, it can stop bigger follicles or masses from flowing through your pipes. These gadgets may even help you avoid getting soap scum on your clothes.

A Heavily Filled Garbage Disposal

Waste management is a precious asset. They may smash up any leftover food that has been left on our plates. Because these items are dismantled, they shouldn’t clog, right? This must be rectified. Garbage disposals are capable of breaking down small food particles such as eggshells. Some individuals, on the other hand, dispose of more difficult waste, such as fruit pits or animal bones. Running your disposal while they are down the drain risks not just clogging but also destroying your disposal.

Scum From Soap

Using the wrong type of soap can also cause drains to clog. Although soap is intended to clean, it usually creates a sticky film that collects and causes clogs over time. To avoid this issue, use liquid soap as opposed to bar soap, and after washing, rinse away any soap scum.

Drain Maintenance

In some cases, you can clean a drain on your own, and there are several basic methods for doing so:

  • To empty them, use a plunger, preferably in a toilet or shower.
  • Purchase non-abrasive cleansers from the shop for smaller drains.
  • Avoid using chemicals since they can cause pipe erosion, which can lead to subsequent leaks.

If none of these methods are working in your favor, then there is no better plan than trusting the responsive team over at 911 Rooter & Plumbing for trusted plumbing services in Northglenn, CO. As a HomeAdvisor elite drain cleaning crew, they will be there in both scheduled and emergency appointments so that your home can run without a snag again in no time.

Once they clear the clog, you can bet that they will clean the whole line thoroughly to eliminate the likelihood that you will have another clog any time soon. With a drain cleaning maintenance program also available, you can bet that you will be happy with the results.

Clogged drains can only sometimes be avoided, but you can still take some initiative in dealing with them. If you are doing your best at being mindful but still notice drain clogs, call 911 Rooter & Plumbing for fast and trusted assistance.


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