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Pros and cons of parquet flooring?


If you are thinking about installing a wood parquet ground in your home, there are some things to recollect. Timber flooring requires ordinary maintenance and refinishing. It would be best if you were attentive now not to over-wax them, as this could harm the factory finish. Similarly, steam mopping can drive moisture into the timber, making it prone to damage. This newsletter will explain how to nicely take care of your wood parquet floors.

Refinishing wood parquet floors

There are pros and cons to refinishing wood parquet flooring. Its miles the most brutal type of timber flooring to refinishing because of its plank orientation and varying styles. Compared to standard hardwood flooring, it is time-ingesting and requires a professional skill level. Similarly, refinishing wood parquet floors is pricier than regular hardwood ground. The handiest exception to this rule is engineered timber. These floors can be refinished handiest once. However, it is nevertheless extra steeply priced than traditional hardwood.

Wood parquet floors aren’t always a very durable type of flooring. Scratches and different scuff marks are tough to cast off. To prevent this from taking place, use floor mats and rugs. Please keep away from wearing footwear with high heels or abrasive soles, as they can scratch your ground. Parquet floors aren’t encouraged for humid regions. Furthermore, it may be, without difficulty, warped by using damp environments.

Upkeep of timber parquet flooring

Regularly cleansing your parquet ground is essential to maintain it in a new situation. It will help if you wipe any spills at once. Some drinks can leave permanent stains, and a number of these consist of espresso, purple wine, and ketchup. If you’re unsure how to clean color, it is first-class to consult your parquet seller. You may additionally use a wood floor soap to clean the oiled parquet. The wood ground soap contains substances to assist release the floor. Soy or coconut fat can be used to clean a timber floor. Make sure to comply with cleaning instructions to ensure no harm takes place.

Oiled parquets often have to be wiped clean using an intensive cleaner and a single disc gadget outfitted with a black pad. Then, you may refresh the ground by applying parquet care oil. You may purchase oil in different sun shades and use the correct product for the specific sort of wood. After applying the oil, the floor should dry tangibly in a day or two. It can take a little longer for the oil to solidify, so regularly use it on the floor. You could also use turpentine or methylated spirits to remove any stains or scratches from painted or sealed parquet.

The durability of wooden parquet floors

In contrast to different forms of foundations, wood parquet is more high-priced than laminate and vinyl. But, the aesthetics of wooden parquet are putting, and it is straightforward to install. Parquet flooring is appropriate for midcentury modern-day home designs. Hardwood planks, then again, are tons extra flexible and suitable for all decors. If you’re seeking to sell your own home inside the destiny, wooden parquet may also appear previous.

The sturdiness of wood parquet relies upon the species of wood used. Different species of wood are more complex or softer than other sorts.

Cost of wood parquet flooring

Traditional wooden parquet flooring in Dubai can price anywhere from twenty to forty greenbacks in keeping with square feet. Hand-made parquet is more luxurious and calls for more installation time than different floor options. The fee is set to double what laminates cost. The setup value is around $15,000 for a 2,000-square-foot floor. A herringbone pattern, but can boom the charge through 30 percent. You may additionally purchase parquet-fashion tiles, which value approximately $7 to $15 according to rectangular foot.


While wood parquet is still being made today, it’s difficult to find an extensive choice. For period-correct restorations, it’s a superb option. But, it can be seen as dated or adventurous by a few owners. If you’re making plans to promote your home, hardwood planks may be a higher choice. By discovering the kind of floors you need and finding a professional that can set them up, you may pick the wall to wall carpets in Dubai for high-quality options for your property.

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