Protect Your Pipes During Cold Freezes by Finding Trusted Plumbing, Heating, and AC Services in Philadelphia, PA


When the weather outside turns frightful during the cold and long winter months, problems can arise indoors if your water or sewer lines freeze, become clogged, or develop leaks. This can seriously disrupt a household or work routine.

Fortunately, there are some smart and simple steps to help prepare your plumbing and heating systems that every home and business owner should consider. Water and sewer pipes may freeze, develop leaks, or clog, and water tanks are notorious for bursting during inclement weather. It may be necessary to find reliable plumbing experts, like the team at Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Company, this winter.

If an issue does arise, it is important to find an experienced and trusted plumbing, heating and AC company in Philadelphia, PA, able to come to the rescue no matter the time of day or night.

What to Do When Winter Freezes Wrecks Havok with Your Plumbing

Prevention of Plumbing Disasters During Colder Months Is Key

Make sure your pipes are well insulated prior to winter freeze weather

Keep doors open to allow warmer indoor heat in to keep pipes open

Be on the alert for slow drains, clogs, and frozen pipes

Run water slowly in sinks tubs during cold freezes

Take swift action and call for professional assistance if problems with plumbing occur

Keep You Water & Sewer Lines Open & Flowing Well by Cleaning Drains Regularly

Often, bathrooms, laundry areas, and kitchens have water lines that may be exposed to colder temperatures along the outside walls of your home or business property. It is essential to keep these lines open and flowing well, especially during the brutal freezes that winter can throw at you.

Also, if your pipes are prone to freezing up during colder weather conditions, consider having your drains cleaned on a regular basis prior to the onset of brutal cold weather months. Hydro jet drain cleaning can quickly find and clear stubborn clogs.

Be Aware of These Common Wintertime Plumbing Woes

There are some common wintertime plumbing woes to be on the lookout for.

These woes include:

  • Unusual color or odor associated with your water or sewer lines
  • Visible evidence of leaks in your pipes, like water spots, puddles, or condensation around the pipes
  • Suddenly, low water pressure could indicate a problem with your pressure regulator, sediment buildup inside pipes, or a hidden leak within the system.
  • Slow drains, backed-up water, toilets that won’t flush properly, clogged bath or shower drains.

Special Concerns in Winter Related to Your Hot Water Tank or System

Longtime trusted plumbing, heating, and AC service in Philadelphia, PA, reminds homeowners to get their water heater checked before cold weather arrives.

Water heater and tank checks include:

  • Checking the pressure regulator valve
  • Inspecting the unit for leaks, water spots, rust, or other problem evidence
  • Testing the water for evidence of sediment buildup inside the unit or pipes leading to it.
  • Make sure the water heater thermostat is working properly


Learn more regarding the protection and repair of plumbing lines and fixtures by contacting Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing today by phone. Visit our website for online details by clicking here anytime.


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