Protecting Your Home During the Winter


Winter is a great time to wrap up in a blanket and binge-watch your favorite television series. However, there are still home maintenance tasks that require your attention. So, take a break between those episodes and work on these three things.

  1. Roof

The last thing you may want to do when the snow is falling furiously is walking around outside to check on your home’s roof. You may be safe inside during the blizzard, but your roof is working tirelessly to protect you and your family from the harsh winter elements. However, when it comes to snow, the soft blanket of fluff can turn into a crushing, weighted covering that can destroy your home’s protection in moments. After a heavy storm or a significant melt, get a snow load on roof calculation from a local roofing company.

  1. Gutters

When snow strikes, the gutters that are meant to carry water are suddenly filled with frozen chunks of ice. Although it can be difficult to keep the gutters clean, try to prevent excess snow buildup, leading to ice dams or broken gutter channels.

  1. Foundation

The security of your home also rests on the integrity of its foundation. Although snow isn’t often seen as a threat to foundations, it can be a destructive and detrimental force when temperatures begin to rise. As the snow liquefies and runs onto the frozen ground, it often has nowhere to go as it builds up around your house. To prevent foundational cracking, heaving or bowing, direct any possible water away from your home with a French drain or a water drainage trench.

You can protect your home with some simple steps, thus allowing it to protect you all winter long. All it takes is a keen eye for the three property issues listed above. Once the problems have been addressed, you can get back to binge-watching those amazing shows you love.



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