Reducing Heavy Digger Hire Costs


Backhoes, excavators and other types of heavy diggers can be extremely useful on your next construction project. Whether you need the equipment for landscaping, digging, moving or excavating, it’s hard to imagine a construction site without needing at least some of them. However, it can become costly very quickly to hire a digger, and these ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger can help to keep your construction costs down.

1) Compare Different Hire Companies

Rental costs can vary, even among companies that have the same heavy diggers for hire. Shopping around to compare rates can save money and keep your equipment hire costs down. Of course, you want to be given the lowest rates but it’s also worth keeping in mind the following when shopping around and comparing different hire companies.

Look for flexible packages when comparing companies.

In most cases it’s more cost effective to rent everything you need from one company. Renting a bulldozer and excavator from the same company will cost you less than renting from two different companies.

Having buckets, augers, a grappler and other equipment included in the package can save you money. If you hire them separately, you’ll almost certainly pay more, and getting everything you need all at once is the way to go.

Ask for a quote from several hire companies so that you can make a decision, keeping in mind the points above.

2) Get a Serviced Digger

You don’t want to have to pay hundreds, even thousands of Euros to fix your rented digger if it breaks down. That makes hiring a serviced digger a sensible option; it means the hire company will be responsible for any repairs needed during your project. Thorough inspection and servicing of the digger should be carried out by the hire company before you take possession of the equipment; so you know everything is working properly, try to be present at that inspection.

You can prevent costs incurred from repairs while using your hired digger, by checking the equipment out yourself, including verifying all the fluids have been changed. You should also look closely at the controls, attachment system, electrical system and hydraulics.

3) Hire An Experienced Digger Operator

In the long run, you can save money by hiring an operator, despite the fact that you may be unwilling to pay that extra cost. It may cost you an extra 200 pounds a day to hire an operator, but over the course of your project it can save you money.

An experienced digger operator is less likely to make a mistake or misuse the equipment; you can also benefit from having the work completed in a shorter time, therefore saving you money. And the equipment hire company will be liable for any damage caused by the equipment if you hire a digger and an operator; you won’t be financially responsible.


Here at FGS Plant, we can take care of all of your equipment hire needs, and most construction or earthmoving projects call for at least one piece of hired equipment. We offer free and no obligation quotes and we think that you’ll find our rates are competitive and our customer service second to none. Our flexible packages allow you to hire the equipment you need for as long as you need it, and without incurring any unnecessary charges. Contact our friendly staff today and let us handle your equipment needs for that next project.


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