Signals That Your Electric Panel Needs Some TLC


Electrical panels are seen in every house. It is a crucial component of your home, much like your plumbing, without which it could not operate. A few examples of the many electrically connected equipment in your home that the electrical panel is intended to carefully regulate are the dryer, washer, lighting, and HVAC systems.

If your electrical panel isn’t operating properly, you face the risk of having appliances break down as well as perhaps causing a fire. So why do you need electrical services in East Lansing, MI?

Reasons For Repair

Electrical panels are a necessary and important part of any home and business. They provide a reliable and safe way to distribute electricity throughout a facility. However, electrical panels could also be a problem. With time, the panel may degrade or wear out, losing its effectiveness and becoming more prone to electrical problems. In rare instances, the panel may need to be fully replaced. Some of the most frequent reasons for electrical panel repair include the following:

    • Breaker broke: The electrical panel’s breaker, which regulates power flow, has sustained damage. A damaged breaker could prevent the flow of power, necessitating electrical panel maintenance.
    • An electrical panel may be less able to handle the flow of electricity if its circuitry has deteriorated over time. This might result in dangers and electrical problems.
    • An electrical panel’s defective connections might cause sparks and fires to ignite. Furthermore, poor connections might cause power outages.

Changing Lights

If you’ve ever seen a lightbulb flashing, you may have assumed the bulb was damaged. If after changing the lightbulb, the problem still exists, the electrical panel is to fault and not the lightbulb. The Meridian Company could visit the area to make sure everything is in working order and in accordance with the law in order to safeguard everyone’s safety.

Wires become less effective at carrying power as the panel ages, or they sustain damage. Your appliances aren’t consistently receiving enough energy, which is why your lights are dimming.

Is There a Burning Smell?

Your electric panel has to be evaluated and may be replaced if it is emitting a burning odor. Shortened wires can cause burning odors to emanate from your device. Shorted-out cables not only make it difficult for your lights and appliances to function correctly but also represent a serious threat to your safety.

Self-burning wires caused by a short may quickly spark a fire within the walls of your house. It can be too late to prevent serious damage to your home if a fire has spread within your walls.

Switch off the electrical panel immediately and get an electrician to inspect your appliance if you smell anything burning. Before turning on the power again, shorted-out cables often need to be replaced. Since 1984, The Meridian Company has worked to ensure your home is safe, and it takes pride in being the provider of electrical wiring you can trust.

When you suspect that your electrical panel needs repair, it is critical to get in touch with a certified electrician right away. Repairing an electrical panel on your own might be dangerous and worsen the condition. An expert electrician can assess the situation and safely do the necessary repairs.


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