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Signs It’s Time To Get Your Roof Replaced


There’s no question about it, a roof is one of the biggest improvements you can make to your house. It’s also one of the best, enhancing your home’s look and protecting it from the elements. If you’re still holding off on a roof replacement, here are some of the signs you need to act now.

Worsening Appearance

A roof isn’t one of those things that go bad without you noticing. A worsening roof is very obvious in appearance with missing and curled shingles, streaks, bare spots and moss growth. Once your roof looks like this, you’ve waited too long and a replacement should be immediate.

Unstoppable Leaks

Sometimes a minor leak can be patched, but if you have multiple leaks that can’t be mended, it’s time to contact residential roofing contracting Batavia NY for a replacement. Leaks will only continue to get worse and increase the chances of structural damage, especially under snow.

Change in the Season

If there’s any motive to get you moving towards a new roof fast, it’s the changing of the seasons. When autumn has arrived and your roof is still in bad shape, your personal safety and possessions are at risk. If there’s a hard winter, heavy snow and ice dams could result in a collapse, so don’t wait.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

You should never let peer pressure affect you, but one exception is with roofing. If your neighbors are installing new roofs and you’re the odd one out, you’re probably due. Homes built at the same time have roofs the same age, so if you’re seeing new ones go up, that’s a good indicator to call your roofing company.

If you’ve been putting off the inevitable, don’t wait too long. When you’ve got leaks and harsh weather is coming, it’s time to get a roof replacement.


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