Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Service


The septic tank is one of the most underestimated yet necessary systems that most homes have. This system collects and treats wastewater, making discharging back into the environment safer. A septic tank’s primary role is to break down particles in wastewater while also filtering out undesired contaminants. As a result, the water that runs through our houses is now safe to drink.

Unfortunately, the septic tank periodically fails like other systems in our house. This might lead to a slew of additional issues, including safety concerns. Keeping the following symptoms in mind will help you call Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling to avoid a stinky and harmful disaster later on.


The most evident symptom that there is a problem with the septic tank is a foul odor. The stench of sewage or rotten eggs might quickly indicate that your septic tank is malfunctioning. A clogged drain field, an overflowing waste tank, and germs that are unable to degrade properly might all play a role. When Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling comes to service your tank, they may use their extensive pipe-cleaning procedures to help eliminate the stench.

Constant Clogging

Clogs are unavoidable, but you shouldn’t have to grab a plunger every few hours. This might mean that your tank has backed up owing to an accumulation of waste or debris or that anything that shouldn’t be flushed or washed down the drain has become stuck within.

Another bit of advice: flush toilet paper and garbage. Paper towels, diapers, and feminine hygiene products, for example, are hazardous to one’s health and complex to break down in water. Grease and oil should not be dumped into the kitchen sink because they will solidify and form a large mound.

Changes in Water Flow

The water flow in your home should be consistent, so if there is a sudden shift, you will notice that something is amiss. Increased water flow in the drain field, for example, might indicate leaks or other tank difficulties. Another sign that the tank is failing is if the flow in the drain field does not cease after a few minutes. If your toilet runs continuously even while it is not in use, you may have a flow issue.

Water Variation

You should be wary if anything appears to be amiss because your water should be clear and odor-free. If your drinking water tastes or smells strange, your septic tank may malfunction. Any musty or rotting odor emanating from your sink faucet is an indication that the tank is faulty. Second, discolored water is frequently an indication of impending disaster. Brown or rust-colored stains in your toilet or elsewhere in the house might indicate that your septic system is failing.

Get Prompt and Dependable Assistance Any Time

If a septic tank problem is not addressed promptly, it can have serious implications. To begin with, your tank may begin to overflow. This will not only create a massive amount of effluent, but it may also cause health concerns if breathed. A defective septic tank can pollute the water you use for cleaning or drinking, causing disease.

All of this may be prevented if you have Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling examine your septic tank regularly. They may provide both periodic septic tank pumping Tabernacle NJ and cleaning as part of their residential plumbing and HVAC services in Greensboro, NC. Pumping removes the floating sludge and impurities, while cleaning removes all the water and sludge accumulated on the tank’s bottom.

They can send out an expert at any time of day, even outside of work hours, because they want to avoid problems lingering. Their objective is to keep all consumers satisfied and safe, and emergencies should always be addressed.

Your septic tank may perform wonders for you and your property, but it can also give you just as many problems if not properly maintained. Allow Master Plumbers Heating & Cooling to assess your tank on an annual basis or whenever you believe it requires repair. They truly are “masters” at their trade!


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