Six ways to transform your kitchen instantly


A kitchen is more than just a beautiful cabinet and stunning backsplash; a kitchen remodel is a daunting task that needs to be approached calmly. Getting hands on a kitchen remodel is both nerve-wracking and exciting. Consider these thoughtful tips when planning your kitchen renovations to create a space that’s easy to live in. Hence before you meet with a pro or visit a showroom, read these tips on creating a kitchen area you’ve always coveted.

Consider built-in appliances

Start your research by considering built-in appliances; the kitchen is all about cleanliness and practicality. Aesthetically inclined and functional appliances can help in creating a more organised working space. Built-in appliances are seamlessly integrated as they’re space friendly, offering perfect contemporary finish. Look for a built-in refrigerator over a standalone choice, as it can save you around four to five inches of space.

Create a sitting area

Based on the space available in the kitchen, you can now create stylish and convenient place that give a look of a restaurant kitchen. Consider installing chairs and table concept inside the kitchen (provided there is enough space). If you’ve an open kitchen, consider transforming an existing surface to a breakfast counter by adding stylish chairs or granite countertop. If you’ve larger space, you can bring in more seating capacity in the form of stools that can be pushed under the surface when not required. If space is a constraint, get a wall-mounted dining table for a neater look.

Add some greens for natural look

Create a small garden with herbs or seasonal plants placed in colourful pots to create a greener look. A vertical framework on a small wall is a way to add functional kitchen garden.

Lighting system

Though it’s good to have natural sunlight flowing inside, a feature light can lift up the mood. A simple LED light can change your space entirely.

Add an appealing backsplash

Backsplash racks offer stylish and easy-to-access storage. Tiles can act as a saviour when adding a backsplash to your kitchen design, or even brass sheets for a modern trendy look.. These water resistant backsplashes come in range of styles, designs, textures, and colors.

Paint ideas

Be it cabinets or walls – paint your work space to bring in color. Consider various combinations and finishes from grainy to smooth to create an engaging space. Consider water resistant paints in relevant colours as the existing cabinets.

Consider these tips when planning to transform your kitchen space. For more information about kitchen layouts and designs, you can browse through the website of Cuisines Rosemere.


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