Solutions for When Your Furnace Breaks


If you have a gas, electric, or oil furnace, it must be well-maintained in order to work properly and last as long as possible. In the fall, one of the best things you can do is call a furnace service business for a furnace tune-up. Our professionals will guarantee that the system is operating at peak efficiency and will address any small issues that arise. Please get in touch with us today for a quote.

A broken furnace can create a great deal of stress and interruption in a home or office. In addition, it can be difficult to know what to do and how to manage a situation if you are not prepared. To put your mind at ease, at Performance Based Plumbing, we’ve developed a list of things to do if your furnace breaks down.

First, Check Your Thermostat

The first thing you should do is check your thermostat. Check that it is properly set and that the batteries are in good working order. If the thermostat is turned on but not working properly, there could be a problem with the wiring or connections. It’s crucial to note that this could also be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat, so make sure to rule out all other possibilities before replacing it. If you have questions about checking your thermostat correctly, please get in touch with us at Performance Based Plumbing!

Examine Your Pilot Light

If you notice the pilot light has gone out, it may need to be reset or replaced entirely. This may usually be done without expert assistance; however, if you are unsure, contact a skilled HVAC specialist straight once. It’s also vital to remember that gas furnaces require routine maintenance to keep them running safely and efficiently, so make sure you’re following all safety precautions while working with any type of gas equipment.

Contact a Professional

If none of these measures have resolved the issue, it’s time to seek expert help. First, contact a trained HVAC expert who can quickly and safely diagnose and repair your furnace. For added peace of mind, only work with technicians who are fully licensed and insured.

Your house should be a haven of pure comfort, but when your HVAC system requires maintenance or replacement, it can be difficult to find dependable assistance. We are committed to providing the greatest cooling, heating, and air quality services in Sonora, CA, and the surrounding towns at Performance Based Heating & Air. Our NATE-certified comfort professionals can help you install a new HVAC system or repair an existing one.

Call Performance Based Plumbing When Your Furnace Needs Repairs!

Don’t freak out if your furnace breaks! First, check your thermostat, then, if applicable, your pilot light. If nothing else works, contact our professionals at Performance Based Plumbing, who will address the problem quickly and efficiently while keeping safety in mind at all times. Following these simple procedures can help you return to comfortable temperatures as soon as possible! If you need furnace repair in Sonora, CA, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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