The Benefits of Hydroseeding for Planting Grass


hydroseeding auburn wa is one of the most cost-effective ways to plant grass or landscape a lawn that doesn’t compromise quality. This process has seen great results—grass typically grows within a week after seeding. If you are considering commercial hydroseeding Southern California, here are some things to consider.

Hydroseeding: What It Is and How It Works

Planting grass or growing a lawn can be difficult, especially in places like California that don’t get a lot of rain. Hydroseeding is a technique used to plant grass over large areas, such as a lawn or field. The process involves spraying  a “slurry” of fertilizer, seeds, mulch, and other biostimulants over a planting area. In order to adequately cover large areas, the slurry is sprayed through an industrial hose or from a small plane or helicopter. There are many advantages of using hydroseeding to grow grass. 

Hydroseeding Covers Large Areas

Hydroseeding is a great choice for a large planting area. When a large area needs to have grass planted, hydroseeding can do the job faster than alternative methods.

Hydroseeding and Erosion Prevention

One of the primary reasons people use hydroseeding is because it does a great job at preventing erosion. The biostimulants in a hydroseeding slurry do a great job at binding to surface soil and preventing it from eroding. Many people successfully use hydroseeding to plant grass on steep slopes that have a high erosion danger. 

Hydroseeding Creates Healthy Soil

Hydroseeding creates the ideal environment for seed germination. The slurry materials enhance the growing process by creating a nutrient-rich soil environment that has the water content seeds need to grow. 

Hydroseeding is Safe for Workers and the Environment

Another key benefit of hydroseeding is that unlike alternative methods, such as sod, it is completely non-toxic for the environment and safe for workers.

If you are considering planting grass on your lawn, you should consider hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is the most cost-effective and eco-conscious method for planting grass. 



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