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The Benefits Of Victorian Sash Windows


A traditional sliding sash window is as popular today as it has ever been. The design comes from the traditional Victorian sash windows and those during the Georgian era. You see them in properties throughout the UK, with many made from the original, authentic timber. If you are considering adding sash windows during a renovation project, or you have bought a property and the sash windows need replacing or repairing, you should consider the great benefits that they will add. Especially when you consider the authenticity of original timber sash windows, it is such a wondrous part of any property and never fails to deliver.

What are the key benefits to installing Victorian sash windows in your home, or repairing those already in situ?

Improved energy efficiency

We all know how important it is to think about the planet, the environment, and how we can shift the culture of our lives to be more sustainable. Making our homes greener is a good start for homeowners, and with timber Victorian sash windows you can achieve a fantastic window energy rating of up to A++ if you choose the right supplier and the right, authentic, timber materials to make the sash windows. Well-fitted sash windows help you to eliminate draughts, make your home warmer and lower your energy bills.

Sustainable materials

Victorian-era sash windows are made using timber, which does improve your energy efficiency above. Not only does this translate into how you receive lower energy bills, but for the carbon footprint of your property and the long-term sustainability of your home, it makes a big difference. Building with sustainable materials like timber, like they did with traditional sash windows back in the Victorian and Georgian eras, will help you to make a real difference in your impact on the world. 

Fewer maintenance worries

Well-made sash windows, with real craftsmanship behind them, last for a very long time. Timber is well-known for its longevity in applications such as sash windows, and you can be sure that there is little maintenance required for a long time, if you work with sash window suppliers near you that have real pride in the work that they put in.

Looks fantastic

Last, Victorian sash windows look fantastic. Large windows bring in plenty of natural light and a property comes alive and sings when you compare a sash window to a modern window in a property.

The benefits of Victorian sash windows are clear for all to see. What comes next though? Choosing a supplier of wooden sash windows near me? Of course, that is what you should be searching for. Finding a dedicated supplier of Victorian sash windows will put you in the best place to make the best decisions for your sash window needs. If you are renovating an old Victorian property that already has sash windows, but they need some TLC, or you are looking for new sash windows to replicate the Victorian style that you know and love, there are suppliers out there that can help. It matters so much to work with a team that delivers quality and consistency, as they understand how great sash windows can be to any property renovation.


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