The Best Ways to Keep Drains Clean and Open


A clogged drain could be one of the more aggravating problems in our houses. These problems, whether within our sinks, baths, or toilets, may rapidly become annoyances if not handled. As a matter of fact, if the blockage persists for an extended period of time, it may cause floods or burst pipes.

While not every blockage is yours to blame, there are steps you may take to reduce their frequency. These represent just a few pieces of advice to think about. However, for more challenging obstacles, employing a plumber is unquestionably the best solution. When you’re in need of a drain repair in Salem, do like many other homeowners do and call Swell Plumbing. They will get you out of a bind in no time.

Think Before Flushing

The toilet is potentially the most frequently utilized equipment in your home. Everyone in your family will undoubtedly use them regularly throughout the day so that they will be continuously in use. As a consequence, they are frequently among the most common blockage patients. If you use the plunger frequently, there could be a lot of issues in the water line.

Because toilet drains are typically just two or three inches in diameter, they are designed to flush toilet paper and garbage. Items that are more difficult to dismantle are going to get entwined in the system. No diapers, feminine hygiene items, or paper towels should be flushed. If you have young kids, keep the lid shut in order to stop them from tossing anything into the bowl.

Add Drain Screens

It is natural for some of our hair to fall out when we wash or bathe. While this may not be a huge problem, the hair strands can accumulate and build bulk in our drains. If the hairball grows too large, it may clog your drain. This could occur in your bathroom sink when you comb your hair or shave.

Including drain strainers is one technique to avoid cleaning up a clump of damp hair. Drainage screens act as fine screens fitted over water drain holes, trapping hair and additional material and preventing it from reaching the pipe. The advantage of this method is that the screen can be quickly removed and cleaned, as opposed to climbing into pipes or dumping chemicals down your drains to dislodge a blockage.

Using the Garbage Disposal Properly

Garbage disposals are useful for those who cook frequently. These devices aid in the breakdown of remnants, such as eggshells and peels, which could fall into the sink. People must be more cautious about what they put into their sinks. More problematic materials to dispose of, which include fruit pits or bones, tend to be tough to handle and might harm the blades.

To avoid disaster, do the following steps:

  • Make sure you only leave these items in the sink for a short time.
  • Get rid of them fast. The same may be said for any old oil or fats that might solidify and produce a blockage as they sit.
  • Put them in a used carton or box for the safest disposal.

Along with this advice, be sure that you keep your disposal’s blades sharp to ensure efficient operation. Grinding ice in them on occasion is a great technique to do this.

Employ a Professional to Help

While a plunger or auger can get rid of many obstructions, it is always an excellent choice to hire professionals to clean your drains to ensure that your pipes are clear of major impediments and that the processes used are comprehensive and thorough. When Salem residents turn to Swell Plumbing for help, they certainly feel swell.

When you entrust their team with the task, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a crew that does not use harmful chemicals in their services. Instead, they employ cutting-edge technology to guarantee that your pipes are thoroughly cleaned and remain clog-free for an extended period of time. Swell Plumbing provides the solution, whether you need a simple snaking or your pipes blasted with hydrojetting.

Furthermore, they will be there for you when you need them the most, even if it means rushing to your assistance in the middle of the night. Why should you wait for business hours to restart when an emergency arises? Their personnel is really concerned about your safety!

A clogged drain is not only inconvenient but also nasty and expensive. Whether you handle it yourself or use Swell Plumbing, any of the following ways will ensure that your plumbing lasts longer and that you have a happier home.


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