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The best ways to renovate your bathroom


Ideas for renovating the bathroom with your own hands depend on the size of the room in the bathroom, which should contain plenty of useful furniture and sanitaryware.

When starting a renovation, you need to prioritise what comes next. For example, for a bathroom from scratch: installation of plumbing, electrical wiring, tiling the walls and floor, and the purchase and installation of fittings and furniture.

To visually enlarge the room, mirrors should be used – they widen the space, as well as light-coloured tiles and ceilings. The bathroom ceiling is best suited for a stretch ceiling, as it will not be affected by such disasters as flooding.

Limit the amount of furniture in a small bathroom. A cabinet under the washbasin and a wall unit near the mirror will suffice.

The bathtub is the most important thing in the bathroom. Nowadays, there are many options: corner, acrylic, jacuzzi, etc. The choice depends on the room and financial situation. Nowadays, a shower cabin combined with a bathtub is in good demand (of course, this option will be suitable only for a spacious room).

Stylish cheap renovation

If you decide to make a simple and cheap, but stylish bathroom renovations, consider the following:

– Do everything with your own hands, do not hire workers.

– Buy inexpensive but good quality material.

– Don’t just buy wallpaper, wallpaper paneling or paint from the first shop you come across. Monitor prices, call a few sellers – the task is to choose the best value for money.

Remember, do-it-yourself renovations take time and effort, so make sure you have 5 to 7 years to do them. Before you start, assess your design ideas and allocated budget.

The budget version of flooring

A bathroom’s peculiarity is poor ventilation and high humidity. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the floor finish. The finish material must be resistant to mechanical wear and tear and to aggressive, damp environments.

Since the floor is very stressful, it must be tiled. The floor area is small and will not require much material. To save money, you can buy a product from last year’s collection.

Budget-friendly bathroom fittings

The biggest expense in the bathroom and toilet is the purchase of new plumbing.

But you don’t have to buy a new tub – you can refurbish an old one. Unsuitable coating can be replaced by pouring acrylic, acrylic inlay or enamelling.

The bathtub looks as good as new after renovation and saves a lot of money. If it is not possible to repair, consider buying an affordable counterpart, an economy-class shower enclosure will also do.

An affordable option is a smaller acrylic bathtub, because the price is determined by the size of the product.

It is also possible to assemble a shower cabin yourself – you need to buy a shower tray, sanitary ware and curtains. It is up to you to choose the look and size of the cabin.

Walls and ceiling

Ceramic tiles are an expensive, but good quality and long-lasting material. When renovating your home, opt for ceramic tiles. Buying branded products means you’re paying for the name.

With affordable repair give preference to quality and inexpensive counterparts, even materials from Chinese manufacturers in the medium price range will do.

Other options are painting, PVC panels or wallpaper. Before applying a new coating, it is necessary to prepare the walls – to make removal of old paint, wallpaper, panels. Do not put new tiles on the floor without removing the old coating.

When choosing PVC panels for walls, you should buy the fasteners and frame. They are easy to assemble and are not affected by moisture and mould. But the main disadvantage is that they are easily breakable and brittle, even with a slight impact.

Wall painting

The most common and least expensive way is to paint the walls. Bathroom paint should be water resistant and have antibacterial properties. Otherwise fungal growth cannot be avoided. Bathroom paints can be matt or glossy. If you have small defects on your walls, it is best to use matt paint. Glossy surfaces show drips and smudges very well.


Major repairs of the bathroom with your own hands can cost you approximately 1.5 times cheaper than a set of services of specialists. But only on the condition that the materials chosen are practical, the work is performed with high quality and in the right order, and the aesthetic result is liked by everyone in your home. For this reason, we have analysed in detail the sequence of planning and repair operations, the list of everything you need, and the nuances of choosing the type of finish. And we’ve also looked at popular materials that combine affordability and durability.


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