The Dangers Of Dirty Carpets


Carpets enhance the beauty of your floors and add warmth. However, if they are not cleaned regularly, carpets can harm your health. Cleaning carpets keeps dust, mites, and dirt at bay.

Skin Irritations

Dust mites on a dirty carpet can cause itchy skin, rashes, eczema, or athlete’s feet. Due to their tiny nature, dust mites can evade the daily cleaning routine. To prevent sensitive skin, use a humidifier and clean your carpets regularly.

Increases Chances Of Asthma Attacks

Asthmatics living with a dirty carpet are more likely to suffer attacks than those with clean carpets. Moisture and dirt attract bacteria and organic compounds because they grow in humid conditions. In return, the microbes increase the chances of asthma attacks.

Increased Allergies

Mold and dust mites irritate your lungs and cause allergic reactions such as red eyes and a runny nose. Allergens built up in the carpet might trigger an allergy or make your day-to-day life uncomfortable. Carpet cleaning Greensboro-based can remove germs and dust mites if you frequently wake up with allergy-like symptoms.

Pet Germs And Mold

Pets’ urine and feces can contaminate your carpets. They carry bacteria and smell like ammonia which can irritate the lungs and nose. Animal germs are particularly harmful to small children who touch the carpets. Fleas and ticks can also live in dirty carpets. In addition, the dampness caused by animal urine enhances mold growth.

Respiratory Problems

Dirt, dust, and pet hair can get stuck in carpets. Activities such as vacuuming or walking can loosen these particles and spread them in the air, causing coughs or difficulty breathing. Health experts warn that pets and younger children are more susceptible to toxic particles on the carpets.

Basic carpet cleaning may not be enough to keep your carpets free of toxins and germs. It’s important to clean the carpets professionally to keep off bacteria and allergens. 


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