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The Day Before Your Office Cleaning Appointment: 4 Preparation Tips


The residential, commercial, and move out cleaning services company in Singapore does the job for their clients. However, they should still do the necessary preparation techniques to ensure everything is in order. Not to mention, they might have preferences about their home and commercial spaces. Here are some of the things to do the day before your appointment:

1. Confirm the appointment time and date with the office cleaning services company.

Ask them the exact time the professionals will come over to your home or office, the number of personnel in case you need to pass security, and other details to prepare everything. (Tip: You can do this as early as a few days before the appointment to avoid any issues with the company. It also helps you plan accordingly.)

2. Finalise which order you purchased.

Is it moving in and cleaning services in Singapore for your new apartment? Or office cleaning services to comply with the company’s requirements of keeping their space clean? Make sure you hired the correct one because you would not want to expect professionals only for them to do a different job due to miscommunication.

3. You might not be able to add small and additional services.

Like an upholstery cleaning service in Singapore, the day before the appointment because it takes time to change everything. However, you can still try, but talk to them nicely when they reject your request. (Tip: It does not apply to all companies as it depends on your case.)

4. Prepare the home or office the day before the appointment.

You do not have to clean or make them look decent, but checking everything is already enough. For instance, if you hired a carpet cleaning professional in Singapore, notify them about the care techniques or any request you might have.

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