The Most Painful Plumbing Issues


It seems like you always have a plumbing situation whenever someone is ill or if you are hosting an event, and finding the cause of the issue can be difficult. While some plumbing issues are brought on by outdated fixtures or normal tool wear and tear, other issues may arise from how specific systems are used and kept up.

If left unattended, some of the most typical plumbing issues can become more serious. Allens Plumbing has the knowledge and expertise to manage typical and unique situations. Not only can we assist you with these problems, but we can also identify the root causes and suggest remedies. We will swiftly attend to your demands with our 24-hour emergency plumber in Maui, HI.

Leaking Faucets

Although it may not seem like a huge concern, a dripping faucet can result in expensive water usage if it is not corrected. Oftentimes, the problem is as straightforward as a faulty washer. To stop the dripping, get in touch with our experts straight away.

Broken Pipes

A leaky pipe releases a certain kind of drip, and there are numerous potential trouble spots:

  • blocked clogs
  • pipe-laying mistake
  • corrosion in pipes
  • pipe joint injury
  • pipes with faulty or fractured seals
  • overly high water pressure

Whatever the cause, it’s best to deal with it quickly to keep your plumbing system and property from sustaining damage from leaking pipes. You will have a greater issue at hand if the water starts to penetrate into your walls or cabinetry.

Long Fill Times for Toilets

It may be easy to ignore how quickly a toilet fills up; at times, the culprit may be a leak. Like a leaking faucet, a leaky toilet can increase your daily water cost by 200 gallons. A specialist can quickly evaluate the situation, pinpoint the problem, and offer a solution.

Slow Drainage

We’ve all experienced clogged drains, and most don’t consider them serious problems. Once you eliminate the clog, you stop thinking about it. However, clogs are frequently brought on by the buildup of hair, soap, or prolonged use. A much worse problem is when there are multiple clogged drains. A simple change of habits in your hygiene routine may help alleviate constant clogging.

However, for more severe clogs, sewage backing up your house is not something you want. Before things get worse, hire a professional emergency plumber to visit and assess the problem.

Professional Services

In addition to the potential harm they could do to your house, these plumbing problems could give you headaches from the amount of time and money spent trying to fix them. The emergency plumber services at Allens Plumbing are available every day of the week, round-the-clock.

If you are unsure whether your situation qualifies as an emergency, think about what might be happening in the background. The problem may have been there for some time, but you may have just recently been aware of it. The best course of action is to seek professional plumbing services right away. Give us a call today!


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