The Perils of a Gas Leak


If your home is powered by natural gas, it has a gas line system. You can obtain heat and energy thanks to this component. While natural gas is an excellent and efficient solution, it may also be hazardous. If your gas line is damaged, it can have severe ramifications for you and your property.

To avoid placing yourself in danger, you must exercise caution and be aware of the origins and symptoms of a leak in your system. As soon as you notice a problem, contact JR Putman Plumbing for gas line repair services in the Greater Sacramento area. They’ve been assisting people like you for 30 years and are sure to have a solution to your situation.


Cracks are one of the most prevalent causes of a line leak. The line may freeze or compress as the temperature unexpectedly lowers or rises, which can wear it down. Cracking can also be caused by age. Despite the fact that they can endure for decades, they should be evaluated once a year to see whether they need to be changed sooner.

Another issue may arise underground. If trees grow in the vicinity, their roots may infiltrate the line’s space and grow through it, contributing to the damage. Rodents and other animals may also come in the way and munch on them.

If your line requires appropriate installation, it is also more prone to have problems. Pipes might become dislodged if they are not properly tightened. This is why you should only choose trustworthy plumbers for any installation.


Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the most serious consequences of a gas leak. If breathed for an extended length of time, this odorless gas can cause disease or death. Every year, hundreds of people die as a result of its poisoning. Sluggishness, headaches, and dizziness are all symptoms of a carbon monoxide leak.

Natural gas is very flammable. An explosion might occur if there is a spark or ignition close to where the leak is occurring. In addition to causing damage to your property and belongings, you and your loved ones are in danger of injury or death.

Symptoms and Recommendations

Together with the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, there are a few additional clear signals that your gas line is compromised. You may notice smoke or soot from your vents or gas-powered appliances emitting an unusual odor.

Although a gas leak is frightening, it is critical that you remain cool in your position. Staying calm will make it simpler for you to move and seek assistance.

  • To begin, turn off your gas valve so that more of the resource is not discharged.
  • Be careful to leave all doors and windows open.
  • Following that, you and everyone else must promptly depart the premises.
  • Make sure you contact the JR Putman team as soon as possible.

The specialists at JR Putman Plumbing will keep a level head while repairing your gas lines because of their training and years of experience. Even if you want assistance after business hours, someone will respond immediately. You cannot be expected to wait for problems such as gas leaks. This problem needs immediate action.

Not all gas lines can be fixed with simple fixes. In fact, it can be more expensive at times. In such cases, JR Putman will offer to replace your gas lines in order to improve the quality and safety of your property. Saving money is as vital as protecting one’s life!

Because gas leaks can occur at any time, you should keep a technician on speed dial. Put your trust in JR Putman Plumbing, just like your fellow Rancho Cordova neighbors! You will always receive excellent service.


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