Things To Know About Mobile Home Title Transfer


You surely need to understand everything about mobile home title transfer, whether you are just planning to buy a mobile home or planning to sell the one you currently own. Ideally, there is no standard way to transfer mobile home title legally because a mobile home is also prominently known as a manufactured house without having the title certificate to prove the ownership. Hence it is the only reason why you need to have this document.

Facts About The Mobile Home Titles That You Must Know

  • The Mobile Home Title Provides You With All The Essential Information

The mobile home title ideally includes all the relevant facts regarding the property like the owner’s name, lien name holders, identification number of the vehicle, the model, or the year it was constructed. 

  • A Title Will Always Tell About Any Liens On Your Mobile Home

Like any other title on your car or house, the mobile home title generally suggests any liens applicable to it. The person is likely to owe some property taxes or penalties on the mobile home.

You surely don’t want to buy a mobile home with penalties or property taxes left behind it. You should request to get the certificate of the title as it plays a crucial role. The owner doesn’t have any position on the title as the holder ideally holds onto it until all the debts are paid. You should check the motor vehicle department to ensure that liens are paid or still left. If you end up paying the liens, you can spend less for the mobile house you are buying in exchange for the payment.

  • At Times Mobile Homes Need More Than Just One Title.

You might know that it is a big deal to have a title of a mobile home. But it all depends on where you are living. First, you must know that a single-wide mobile home generally needs one title, but two titles are required if you take a double-wide mobile home. You might guess now that triple-wide mobile homes also need three titles in some states. Hence you should ensure that you have the perfect number of titles before you transfer the ownership of your mobile home.

Hence these are some requirements you should consider before transferring your mobile home. Above all, the title of a mobile home plays a crucial role.


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