Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Firewatch


The Game’s Slow Pace

Some players entered Firewatch with the expectation that it would be a quick, casual game. The contrary was true. Many gamers were pleasantly surprised by how long it can take to complete the game. Check out this page: Fire Watch Guards

In addition, the person in charge of the controls determined whether that was a positive or negative thing. The game’s sluggish pace felt suspenseful at times, but it was also boring at other times. Don’t be surprised if things move slowly, especially if you get lost, but also remember to take everything in.

It’s A Walking Simulator

When the game first came out, a lot of emphases was placed on the kind of game it was. Firewatch is what some people in the community refer to as a “walking simulator,” which means that the entire game’s objective is to walk from A to B. You’ll experience the game’s engaging story as you walk through the beautiful environments.

While many aspects of the game don’t all involve walking, you shouldn’t expect to fight a bear. You are given a map and a compass, which are what you use to get around. You walk; there are no waypoints or mechanisms for teleportation.

How Attached You Become

It’s normal to get a little attached to the characters you play while playing a game. There are even challenges in the game that encourage players to become more invested in their characters. There is not much to go on when you first start, but as the game progresses, we have the opportunity to learn more about the characters with whom we interact.

By the time Firewatch is over, you can’t help but feel sorry for Henry and Delilah because of what they’ve gone through. When playing this game, not everyone will have agreed to this, which can come as a pleasant surprise.

Secrets & Easter Eggs

You can learn a lot of new things about the world around you by playing games. This game’s edge came from finding collectibles, easter eggs, and secrets in general. Time flies because there is so much to discover, learn about, and collect.

You can spend the entire game looking for small decorations for your tower or interesting topics to discuss with your manager. This is not required, but it is unquestionably a rewarding way to play the game. No matter how you played, the little extras surprised many people, which was surprising for such a narrative-driven game.

The Game Gets Dark

Some serious issues become clear as the game nears its conclusion. When you reach a certain point, it can become terrifying, but just as you get past one challenge, another one appears quickly. After some extremely bizarre events that you will go through, things start to get real, which may cause you to feel like you’ve been thrown off your feet.

We will avoid the exact incident that elevated this game to a new level to avoid giving any spoilers for the game. Let’s just say that you may have started this game unaware that anything significant would occur, but you would be very mistaken. The heartbreaking story that takes place in this world can be learned by anyone who plays this game, and it is clear that it only gets darker the closer you get to the end.


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