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Things You Should Know About Your Septic System



When you are building a new home, you probably ask questions about square footage, the number of bedrooms and the lot size. Be sure to also inquire about available options for waste management.

Sewer vs. Septic System

If there is a municipal sewer system available, pipes carry the wastewater away from your property to a central treatment plant. You pay a monthly bill for this service. If there isn’t a city or county sewage system, your home will probably utilize a septic tank Orlando FL that breaks down or stores the waste and wastewater within your own property.

Types of Septic Systems

The system installed depends on your lot size, slope and water table. Aerobic treatment units use oxygen, filters, baffles and an air pump to start the breakdown of your waste. The wastewater is treated and then released to a drain field.

When the water table is high, then a mound can be created to install a mound septic system that creates a vertical drainage area. Another system for areas with a high water table or for a home with fluctuating waste amounts is the chamber septic system. This is often used in vacation cabins.

For a home with a greater volume year-round, a drip distribution system is employed. It can be installed on a fairly small lot and needs electricity and maintenance. The conventional septic system uses several parts. The septic system collects the solids, then the water runs through the distribution box that spreads it through the gravel to the drain field. Your builder will suggest the best system for your area.

Ways To Keep Your System Working Properly

When you have a septic system, you need the tank pumped out every three to five years. To keep everything running smoothly, use the garbage disposal rarely and avoid chlorine bleach products that interfere with the natural bacteria that break down waste. Remember to get your system serviced as soon as the need arises.

Understanding your septic system often comes in handy and helps provide years of problem-free use.



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