Thoughtful Presents for Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day


If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might be scratching your head over what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day this year. But don’t worry; there are plenty of options to choose from, whether you want to plan something last-minute (like a stargazing date) or ahead of time (like a flower arrangement from La Fleur, an online florist in Austin, TX.

Small Budget? Try These!


Going stargazing is a great date idea since you get to spend time with your significant other and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Warm up some coffee or hot cocoa in a thermos and go out to the next field to gaze at the stars if February is quite mild where you live. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time together in an intimate setting, and it’s not limited to just one day of the year.

At-Home Bed and Breakfast

The aroma of bacon and eggs is a welcome way to start the day for most people. Your significant other will undoubtedly value the fact that you cared enough to start their day with a meal you prepared. Whether you choose a simple breakfast of toast and eggs or want to show off your culinary prowess by creating eggs benedict from a recipe, you found online, starting the day off by giving your significant other a glass of orange juice and a hot meal is sure to make them happy.

Night of Games

Breaking out the board games (or video games, if you’re so inclined) can be a fun way to spend time with your significant other and spark some friendly rivalry if you’re both the competitive sort. In case you don’t feel like leaving the house but still want to spend time with your date, try hosting a game night! The two of you may enjoy some quality time together while also engaging in some healthy competition, and with the addition of some tasty munchies and your preferred beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, you’ll have hours of fun! This is the ideal Valentine’s Day outing for two people who don’t want to spend any money.

Treasure Hunt

Let’s say you want to DIY something more Pinterest-worthy, and a treasure hunt seems like fun. If you want to rekindle the flame in your relationship, consider taking your lover to the location of your first date or other memorable experiences together. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day date even more special, you may always enlist the aid of friends and family.

Thinking Big

With a larger budget, you’ll have far more flexibility in selecting the right present for your special someone. You may look at the following possibilities, some of which could fit within your budget.


Girls love the sparkle of a classic diamond. Nonetheless, emeralds, rubies, and opals are perfect as well! For Valentine’s Day, jewelry is a tried-and-true tradition; if it ain’t busted, don’t repair it! A promise ring, a new bracelet, or a necklace are all examples of meaningful gifts that may be worn every day to remind a loved one that you are thinking of them even while you are apart. If you and your spouse are already hitched, you may want to explore matching wedding bands.


Everyone enjoys some time away from the daily grind every now and then. A little trip, whether to a quaint inn in the city or the beach for a couple of days, would be a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day. Make it a surprise if you really want to go all out with the present! By acting as if you’re merely going to dinner and then continuing to drive, you may stimulate your date’s curiosity and make him or her swoon by the time you arrive.


The traditional Valentine’s Day present is a bouquet of flowers. Flowers like roses, tulips, and carnations are staples of Valentine’s Day bouquets, and giving flowers to your special someone on February 14 has become virtually a societal norm thanks to popular culture and social media. Thanks to the wide selection of sizes, styles, and prices available, you may find something to suit your sweetheart’s budget and aesthetic preferences perfectly.

How to Take Care of Your Flowers

If you’re planning on surprising your sweetie with a flower bouquet from La Fleur, you’d better study up on the best ways to extend the life of the flowers! If you want your La Fleur flowers to last as long as possible, consider these care tips.

Water in Transition

At regular intervals, you should provide fresh water to your plants. Every day or every other day, you should replace the water. This ensures that the cut flowers are getting adequate water without the risk of bacteria growth. Cleaning the vase in between water changes will prevent mold and germs from growing in the water and on the cut stems.

How to Slice Stems

The flowers will drink up more water if the stems are cut at an angle rather than straight on. Never use a knife to cut stems; instead, use scissors to prevent the stems from being crushed. Crushing the stems will limit the flowers’ capacity to feed since it will damage the channels that the water goes through to deliver the water to the blooms.

Keep Your Flowers Fed

Flowers need food to stay fresh for as long as possible. The expert florists at La Fleur will supply flower food sufficient for many water changes. The flower food must be totally dissolved for the stems to be able to take up enough nutrients to flourish. For the best outcomes, use lukewarm water so as not to startle the flowers and cause them to wilt.

Revive It

Are your flowers withering despite your best efforts? It could be a good idea to add some bleach to the water. If the water contains harmful germs, a small amount of bleach added to the water may kill them. In the absence of bleach, “feeding” them sugar may be effective. Adding sugar to the flower’s water might help it bloom again.


Whatever the form, Valentine’s Day gifts may provide joy to the recipient. A tiny token of appreciation may go a long way toward making someone’s day, and the knowledge that you are in their thoughts is sure to excite and thrill them. It’s possible to choose the best and most meaningful present for any price range. Check out www.lafleurflowermarket.com now to learn more about La Fleur’s flower arrangements and to have fun customizing a bouquet for your Valentine.


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