Three Design Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient and Spacious


When it comes to kitchen design and space optimization, the kitchen work triangle principle always applies. This principle focuses on the three major elements of a kitchen: the sink, stove, and fridge, which must be located at every end of the triangle. But some kitchens do not have the ideal dimensions and proportions to design this kind of kitchen. Thankfully, there are different ways to make daily kitchen use more efficient even in a room with tight space. One way is to have a minimalist kitchen design. The right design cuisine ReveCuisine will make this possible as experts know exactly how to optimize any size kitchen space.  To increase your kitchen’s efficiency and space, here are some suggestions to consider:

Install Kitchen Cabinets

Different types of groceries, utensils, and accessories occupy space in your kitchen. For instance, portable appliances can take over worktop space that you could have used for food handling or placing dishes you will use for plating and serving. Thus, you can free up space if you can store these items in cabinets. However, if you have a compact space, you need to make the most of every available surface, door, and corner. 

Get as Many Drawers as Possible

Drawers let you organize smaller accessories that can easily get lost in cabinets. These items include cutting knives, wooden spoons, cutlery, and others. But drawers can also become messy if you overfill them with items and do not organize them. You can remedy this by having dividers for drawers. 

Having the right tools makes cooking and food prep easier. Having things out in the open can enhance your experience. Arrange your frequently used items within reach of your hands and eyes like salt, utensils, cloth, pepper, and spices. This can save you both effort and time by not needing to open doors, touch your drawers with dirty hands, and worry about burning what you are cooking. 

Invest in Space-Saving Accessories

Look for design items that let you minimize the use of space in your kitchen cabinets and drawers while making cooking easier. For instance, stackable measuring cups, objects, or knives let you read a recipe easily without getting the book or table dirty. Other accessories you can use include knife stumps, books and table holders, mobile racks, and support carts. 

To build a successful kitchen design project, you need to understand the specifics of every space. Every element in your kitchen plays an important role and every space available in the room should be well-thought-out. The kitchen design tips above can make a significant difference in your daily kitchen routine. 


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