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Tips for Establishing Your Homestead


Any homestead owner needs to consider these things when they acquire land.


It’s important for you to become familiar with your land and get to know the different areas. Plan where you want your garden and water installments to go and if you want any forested areas kept wild or planted to be an orchid. Consider hiring a service for emergency tree removal Youngsville to take care of dead or broken trees that might come down during a storm. Make sure no large trees pose a threat to your home, power lines, or other energy sources on the property.

Wildlife Management

Once you know where you want to grow your garden you can begin to prep your soil with compost or mulch. Once you plant your seeds and start growing food, you are sure to encounter some pesky wildlife critters. While you might enjoy your land for the wildlife and the ability to be close to nature, you will need to take some precautionary measures when it comes to growing your food and tending to your garden. Most pests can be controlled with store-bought repellant or traps. Without some form of pest control, animals can damage your lawn with their burrows and destroy your crops before you get to harvest anything. Keeping a well-mowed lawn and frequently tending to your plants will also help minimize potential pest infestations.

Nature-Friendly Home

While you control the potential pests in your gardens, you can attract healthy wildlife to your land with things like foliage, birdhouses, and birdbaths. If you enjoy birdwatching, hang a bird feeder in a place you can comfortably watch from. To make your home more environmentally friendly, switch to low-energy appliances and renewable power sources. Solar panels help fight climate change by reducing air pollution and prove more cost-effective in the long run.

Keep these things in mind when establishing your five-acre homestead.


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